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Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
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Marius Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
Caro 2005-05-24 21:48:18 whahahaa that's cool!!! love your funny designs. keep it up
Def Character 2005-05-24 21:49:08 ?_0
Tom 2005-05-25 05:07:17 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :P
Ayla 2005-05-25 11:28:06 does that mutant mushroom have two toenails...? o-O well.. the poisionous mushroom looks cute. ^^;;;;;;;;;;
Deetris 2005-06-05 08:03:27 I will give you some extra credits for the humor factor :)
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Random art
I just tried these eyes out i never drew them like i did right now but i think it turned out pretty nice. Maybe he will be the main character of my manga ?:P

Comments are welcome, that way i know what im doing wrong i what not...
Well, I tried my hand at making pixel art of the living legend of Yoshi from Super Mario World?
(note! This is my actuall look appart from the fire and light effects :sweat: my style is called you know where i draw my inspiration from^^)

The year is 2500...Humand are enslaved by machines and the world falls to a greater power"Cyborgs" faster than humans and far more competable than humans! These newly made borgs rebel for their freedom to try and exist as a life form.

The scream in this drawing is let me live let me breathe...Dont suffocate me with your judgements!
yea, i made a mistake on Alissas face, lol
Just trying to think up some first pages to start my manga. This is my first concept for a first page, Although I didn't know what I was drawing untill it was done XD No clue what their saying either... I will probably draw more opening pages so that I can pick one I like. Anyway I hope it looks somewhat decent and enjoy?
wow i havent posted somethin in so long xD
anyway this is Lucille xD
I had to draw sis showed the book to me and i read it til I got to the point of reading 9 volumes but this part was...well i just had to draw it
This is Yasuke agian! He's the cover of the third chapter! This picture wasn't really all that hard to do I just experimented with different filters and placed a lot of color burn on top of a lot of color dodge and I got this effect for his hair!It's shiny*.*!
Lol what kind of dumb name is that.... Anyway this is Germaine, in green and pink. At first I did a quick sketch at work during my lunch break, then at home I decided to finish it up. I kinda like it, what do you think? (Background done in photoshop)
i fixed it a bit to make it look more like a boy... its gotten kinda shabby cos of the rubbing out but at least it looks more what its meant to.X
carla maria
I made pancakes today, so I just had to draw this xD
Inuyasha copyright Rumiko Takahashi.

And forgive me for forgetting the blade!!!! T^T