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Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
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Marius Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
Caro 2005-05-24 21:48:18 whahahaa that's cool!!! love your funny designs. keep it up
Def Character 2005-05-24 21:49:08 ?_0
Tom 2005-05-25 05:07:17 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :P
Ayla 2005-05-25 11:28:06 does that mutant mushroom have two toenails...? o-O well.. the poisionous mushroom looks cute. ^^;;;;;;;;;;
Deetris 2005-06-05 08:03:27 I will give you some extra credits for the humor factor :)
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Random art
I love the TRIA Pantone markers of Letraset!^^ They are wonderful to color with. I had the great chance to choose the colour range and to draw the illustrations for this two manga marker-sets (available at The girl was colored with only the 24 colour of the shoujo set (The same thing with the boy and the shounen set).
Fun with fan chars and fan art. More practice with coloring technique. This was done with the 'graphic or marker-like' brush in open canvas instead of the 'oil paint' one. edited in photoshop. yay.
This is what i look like most of the time^i'm a cybergothic too and i love art^^ hehehehe...if anyone here is narrowminded i sugest you all look away cause yeps i am a goth relevant and nope...i'm not gonna kill you((yet)) HOPE you like it :D!!!

XxX to the fans
trying to get better at eye color - i think i did pretty well with this one
This is a cyborg doodle I was making just now...
had the misfortune of drawing this at the backside of a scratch paper... scanner scanned right through ^^
Karim Labrat......"ALTER SUMMONER"
more schtuff
First time i drew myself :P I drew myself with a scooter. My parents said that i would get one around 28 dec. Really hope i get one... Pray for me :P    
Ps. Any critisms or comments are welcome :D
Yeah, it's another gag with Rude-D again. I did a horrible job trying to give him the correct skin colour though, tips on that would be highly appreciated.
i colored jun it took long but it was worth the time 
feels like i need a backround if you have any 
ideas comment
this is cloud  it took mea long time cus i had to redo every detail  so it is a pic form kingdom hearts 1
from MM!
Character is a god of the animal kingdom he is responsible to protect and defend the kingdo of embers kingdom