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Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
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Marius Random weirdness AGAIN... fun to do though :P
Caro 2005-05-24 21:48:18 whahahaa that's cool!!! love your funny designs. keep it up
Def Character 2005-05-24 21:49:08 ?_0
Tom 2005-05-25 05:07:17 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :P
Ayla 2005-05-25 11:28:06 does that mutant mushroom have two toenails...? o-O well.. the poisionous mushroom looks cute. ^^;;;;;;;;;;
Deetris 2005-06-05 08:03:27 I will give you some extra credits for the humor factor :)
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Well, This is Just A CopY x) I've Draw it on my bureau.
Nyu !?
pet,buddy or your husband ?

setsuna (c) emerson tung
*coughs* Erm, I'm new here ^^; and I'm not that great at drawing >>; so flames and stuff are expected ^^;; At any rate, this is an OC i did for a fic of mine...she's an elf and her name is Lareina. And it was the first time using sparklies >> whee those were fun to make xD
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Tip of the day  #00
To avoid the "flying shoes phenomenon" when playing Soccer please tie the Shoestrings
working on clay now just for the hell of it... this was done in 3 hours... ill finish it later
Testing out some copic swatches. Thanks to TheRagingSpaniard for the link. PSE CS2 and swatches from
R0B3R7 card game character card
Fanart of Yuri and Alice from Shadow Hearts...its old..and also my first art I colored with markers...plz be gentle
This is the comic which the sixpackman came from. school wouldn't let me scan the whole thing before
One day I decided too draw flowers, cuz they're soo beautiful,,, this is my rose, my first rose, i worked very hard on it, so please be nice *.*)',,, haha just kidding XD hope you like it! =]
I finally got myself a graphire4 4x5 tablet, it was really hard to use that i pretty much wanted to give up using it. I was just creating some random lines  on photoshop and somehow gave me an outline in my head so i use it to draw this picture. (i hid the random line layer) Sadly it didn't turn out well as expected, but i was happy with it.