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just a sketch,maybe a little more work would make it better,but the idea is nice:)
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paper-samurai just a sketch,maybe a little more work would make it better,but the idea is nice:)
phant00m 2005-05-20 21:48:11 really good =)
Def Character 2005-05-21 05:36:49 Very good but the upperarms look a bit to broad...
ukkie 2005-05-21 15:12:20 Nice one ^_^ I think her face looks kind of too manly though, because of the nose and the broad mouth, but that's just my personal opinion ^_^ overall it looks very good!
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Random art
the second page of princess nightmare
i was practicing in the photoshop and this was the product...hahaha....

again, this is Faye Valentine of Cowboy of my fave character anime....she's sexy and hot eh....hahahaha..... and i really understand her tragic past....hahahahaha....

i copied the pose in one of the issue of questor magazine wehrein the coverpage was hunter x hunter
bored at school again, but i think i am going to work this out one day
Well I tried again hope you like it!
He there everyone! I used to be a member here about 3 or 4 years ago, and I'm back (I had to get a new account, too.) 

Anyways, this is a picture I did for a roleplaying group I'm in.  This is my character, Vahn, a telepath with the ability to manipulate people in their dreams.  He works with a team of other "talents" for an organization called Sol.

Let me know what ya think!
And yet another cyber arizes!! it the sister of the pink one i drew a few weeks ago^^ hope you like her^^

xies to he fans
Collabtime! Original sketch and design by Lozz  <(^_^<)
Def Character
Pg 24 from chapt 10 of AOY lol
Kej, uploading some old stuff first. Made this one last year.
Thanx to David for showing me how to draw blood. I hope I did a good enough job. ^^
A story about a boy that was picked on by 54 girls, now he turns them into his playthings for revenge! XD

Just a stupid idea on a boring night.
named it "your light in the darkness"=)