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just a sketch,maybe a little more work would make it better,but the idea is nice:)
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paper-samurai just a sketch,maybe a little more work would make it better,but the idea is nice:)
phant00m 2005-05-20 21:48:11 really good =)
Def Character 2005-05-21 05:36:49 Very good but the upperarms look a bit to broad...
ukkie 2005-05-21 15:12:20 Nice one ^_^ I think her face looks kind of too manly though, because of the nose and the broad mouth, but that's just my personal opinion ^_^ overall it looks very good!
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Random art
I need to get some sleep, just wanted to try out my new Wacom Bamboo tablet. Inspired by a kitten called Kiara who's always trying to steal my food when im in the kitchen ^-^

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First upload here.
current project i
m working on for
Dustin C.
EDIT - Worked on it some more.. and I forgot to "proof colours to Monitor RBG!!"
Critiques/comments welcomed!
I think the orange still makes him look slightly like a monk?
My first ever upload. Artwork done on paint. 30th october 2010
a boss character for the manga
hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college
Its probally been over 3 months since i last drew a picture. finally pick up the pencil or should i say the mechanical pencil after so long to draw a picture.
Im on this virgue to make non-violent drawings, i dont know why. I just want to make less violent stuff.

This is the second one which contains no blood, guns or anything. Just came in mind this morning when i woke up.

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Emma, Daniel and Rupert, aka Hermione, Harry and Ron. It took be about 8 hours to mae this. Especially Rupert's face was hard to do. He always tends to have an expression of 'something nasty has just crawled up my pants', but I think I've done ok. Before you say it: Yes Harry's glasses are askew, they are that way in the picture too. It's the scene from movie 3 with the Hippogrif
okay not so good but okay^^
Yoko - Gurren Lagann
Dustin C.
The devil herself seems sweet in comperation to her!! when your time is up for the hell flames she'll gladly guide you there!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHA

XxX to the fans
Hello, all! It's me Raguel, I changed my name to Avaeccus because I use the name literally everywhere else. I also deleted a lot of my old art(from 75 to 6 drawings). Time to start anew!