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CericCalas "YO! What up?! Dis is Gangsta ET" Someone wanted to see ET in gangsta clothing, and this is what I came up with. *Fanart of ET*
Def Character 2005-05-19 15:35:33 You should have made his index finger glow..
phant00m 2005-05-19 17:28:11 ET on the block! (How about a bandana ;)
CericCalas 2005-05-19 18:44:24 Good idea DC, I think i might do that; Phone homeS(homies); i would do a bandana, but only if i didn't have the hat, or maybe i'll add one on his knee...
auto-mail_mechanic 2005-05-19 23:30:11 o.o ET is the only movie I'm scared of, and I still enjoy this picture. X3
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Random art
Another page haha =D feel free to check it all outttt.
i like this one.. angel^^
i sketched it fairly light, sorry

im going to outline it later on. like tomorrow =]

so you'll be able to seeit clearly. 1/27/08
Colered Manga Art.
I had to draw sis showed the book to me and i read it til I got to the point of reading 9 volumes but this part was...well i just had to draw it
100% illustrator. Had a ref for the pose. Watcha think? I think it's not bad for a first try on vectors :) Though the water is a bit crappy -_-...
This is one of my characters i designed, Im going to colour it on photoshop. The inking isn't very good and my hand slipped a few times. I will fix the bottom of his pants and put his feet in the right perspective. If anything else dosen't look right then please let me know.
when I made this one, I probably where sleeping :P
Just a warming up XD
form how to draw manga XD

hahaha just a little different
a wolf hehe yea im practiceing animals 
i used referance to min woo hyungs wrk here (like u cant tell) i think it looks to evil , meep 
need to draw more animals bye bye
A mortal awaiting her doom her final last hours on the planet have come!! she now goes to what lies beyond our grasp! hehehehe enjoy xxx to all my fans >_<
so this is an original, my little sister was about 10 when i drew this, and this is what i beleive her spirit would look like!     did this with a non waterproof pen, and water colours... ya figure that one out!
Space Cat - sometime 2000 or 2001
something I had sketched and decided to paint.  It doesn't look like it'll be finished tho cause I came up with a better idea for it :).