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ukkie I got a "how to draw bishoujo" book for my birthday from a friend so I promised to make a drawing for him. He wanted a schoolgirl with braids and glasses and a (too) short skirt, so here it is! ^^ The knees are too low and her right foot's a little weird, but overall I'm pretty satisfied. ^_^ Please comment
phant00m 2005-05-14 14:29:40 whaha ^^ nice
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-05-14 14:53:30 Looks good dude, maybe a little more practise^^
ukkie 2005-05-14 15:18:34 dude? I'm a girl o_0
gothqueen 2005-05-14 17:44:43 Her feet are too small and her head could be a bit smaller, but the overall drawing is good, love the shading
Def Character 2005-05-14 18:00:06 I agree with Gotqueen...^^
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Random art

Kept it rather simple, hope ya all dig it.
Hello I am new here. I made this with 'Kimiko'.
I felt like uploading..
Everyone on Devart wanted to comb his hair.
The guy in the middle is attacked by 3 mobstars, and now he's trying to escape.
And a third latex girl. I think I will develop this character more, whe has a certain something ^_^.
blah, I haven't been too productive on my webcomic as of I decided to try some filler character sketches to at least attempt to keep the mus going.  This here's Yukiko, who I believe I've drawn a picture of before, but that was quite a long time ago xD;  in any case, she likes making costumes...and. yes. I like her glasses ^.^ hehe they're always crooked <3
fairies!! :D also 3 or 4 years old
A detailed sketch of Eden/Saint Vanity - A female character which will be used in my latest manga. (HB pencil)
Marker fun~ A gift for my friend on DevArt (OniKitsueSlinky).
under the sea .  . . .
I made this art cuz i wanted a dress but i could never find it in i decid to draw it lol :D its looks Pretty Cool! ;)....*used pecils
Just a sketch. As you can probably see, a lot of work has to be done to complete it. The anatomy is totally wrong and I don't really know what I'll give him to hold in his hand. *sigh* So much work to be done, so little time... (school treats the students as slaves *stupid school*)
Did this one for a friend of mine, Jurjen.

He wanted a total black Xbox 360; i partially did what he wanted, heh. I left the power on button white, so when you push it, you connect with 'faith' (which reads on top of the console)

P.S.: forgive me for taking these blurry pictures, the light wouldnt co-op..

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