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This is a fanart of Underworld(Kate Beckinsale is hot...). I loved this movie, it reminded me of my larping days... *sigh* (update)
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CericCalas This is a fanart of Underworld(Kate Beckinsale is hot...). I loved this movie, it reminded me of my larping days... *sigh* (update)
Def Character 2005-05-13 08:42:33 You mean the medevil cosplaygame...^^
phant00m 2005-05-13 08:57:10 Nope, Underworld is a very good movie about the war between vampires and werewolfs. Nicely drawn! :D
CericCalas 2005-05-13 21:00:17 i didn't notice that, thanks for point it out
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A dragon is usually represented as breathing fire & having a reptilian body & sometimes wings that feature in the myths of many cultures.

I wanted to create a dragon that distinguishes itself from the snake-like beast in myths. I gave my dragon heavy fore & hind legs to achieve this.
^^ I hope you like the collored version too..
just random sketches.  I'm still waiting on the inspiration to finish them, heh heh.
wel....I finished's...creapy =S
Krad from DN Angel ©
Sunflower Girl

using Copic Markers
I drawed the hair a bit to late ^^' yes, she's suposed to be blue (she's from liosia, everyone down there is blue). this is a scene from a nightmare Rèna's having, it's really scary. I thought de blood had a real good effect like this. Rèna (owner of the eye) and Milai (the boy who's well...uhm..dying) are both chars from Link ©
Fanart of Yuri and Alice from Shadow Hearts...its old..and also my first art I colored with markers...plz be gentle
Chibi of J-pop group, w-inds. in marathon haha XD XD

FROM LEFT:Ryuichi,Keita,Ryohei
The sultan's life is at the mercy of the Sea Witch. Will she spare him or devour him? I leave whatever happens next to your imagination.
i started a shop on gaia and here are some avatars i did well hope you like it ^^
antagonist character concept for my character helen's storyline. her name is elision
Well I tried again hope you like it!
yay my actual billposter char and my very good friend's billposter! =D (the weird blonde is mine, the asian whitehaired is his) i edited their actual looks a little, but they look good like this... message for my friend: 'I hope you likes it Mr. Justice! =D
heres it in colour ^-^ id like to thank kioshi for showing me an errer witch was stoping me from getting better