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Project for school :P Used my markers for this one and satisfied with the results, tell me what you think^^
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Perfect_Sollitude Project for school :P Used my markers for this one and satisfied with the results, tell me what you think^^
Def Character 2005-05-12 05:25:32 Heh graffiti will never die...! Great hair and i like the red leafs under chan...^^
Kheine 2005-05-12 08:30:10 Yeah neat coloring dude ^^
CynikSama 2005-05-12 09:09:21 great marker work ..nice pose. ^^
AIKUZA 2005-05-13 22:41:43 You like drawing asses, dont you? I just wanna slap it looking at it ^^. Or is it the same character? Anyways, cute stuff, also the Grafitti is done well, but it would look better if the name Cyara-Chan was melted together if you get what I mean. SO it will be more like a whole tag. oh my, bedtime knocks at my door.
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-05-14 11:11:22 Hehehe thnxx, yeah I know it looks a lot like the last one, but I just wanted to do my (MALE) teacher a favour XD
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Random art
I did not upload something a long time, so here is my new "art",I hope u all like it!!
Mister Magix
A picture of sanji I drew from one piece. I had a little trouble drawing the smoke but other than that I think it came out pretty good, but if there are any other suggestions on what I should do to improve this please tell me.
I would appreciate some good criticism for those that can spare it <3
Well this is a combination of color,line art and graphite (pencil) Well it a pic of ~*~ME~*~ broken into pieces it was 4 my art class but i liked the way it came of so i put it on here. Feel free to Critque
this is an old drawing that i fix up at
Just a bunch of sketches, nothing special ^_^
tihihi drawed my friends ^^ hope she likes it :D
Heh, more old work. Done while on my trip to Germany this past summer. I was super STOKED to find a white gel-pen xD
A character from a fantasy story I'm writing.
This a picture I did for my friend and her boyfriend. She got the emphasis though! I really didn't know her boyfriend all that well so I really didn't give him and defining details at all.

A thank you to all who watch my galleries and journals! Done in photoshop and open canvas.

Miss Magic ispired me to draw another sketch, i hope its better, please comment!