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I thought it might be nice to make an ID for DeviantArt ^^ I screwed around with photoshop a lot as you can see :P(
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Perfect_Sollitude I thought it might be nice to make an ID for DeviantArt ^^ I screwed around with photoshop a lot as you can see :P(
Marius 2005-05-11 14:59:24 Only crit I got is that the text is really really hard to see/read. Has got nothing to do with the font, just the color(s). ^^
Def Character 2005-05-11 17:07:43 Like Marius said...
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-05-11 17:22:40 I know^^ Kinda too late, better leave it this way before I f*ck it up :S
Def Character 2005-05-11 17:55:25 Next time work in layers so you can change things afterwards...
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-05-11 18:33:49 I did :s hehehe, Awright me = gonna change
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-05-11 18:59:30 Think it's better now ^^ Still not too readable but what the hell :P
AIKUZA 2005-05-11 21:35:27 thats nice gal. You look like chocolate, and I like chocolate hmm yeah yeah. I have some old chicago bulls, wu-tang and tupac posters from 1996 some where in this house I think. You like? me neighter XD
Kheine 2005-05-12 08:33:40 i like the pic back there... but i cant see it veeeery clearly heheehehehhetihithiaegfaeg
jackson 2005-05-12 21:11:23 coolFX
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Random art
this is an elf.. I think...I was inspired by a photo in a magazzine, and I wanted to make it some diferent... I'm not good making shadows efects, that's why I make it with plane colors
Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Painted with really watered done acrylic
its alright ^^ .. didnt turn out exactly as i wanted it ... but its doable xD
I leafed through my old sketches & found one of the centaur, Chiron (tutor of great warriors; Achiles, to name one). I did well to keep my sektches! Sketches = Ideas. Never throw ideas away! So, I said to myself, "let's make a new centaur - The Centaur King!"
Know wih an attitude that causes her to destroy ..still working on it
Well here's another one of mine, I was basing him on Shin Sawada from Gokusen, but I kinda went of track. Oh well, he's nameless at the moment too. ^_~
this is a character from my manga I'm working on. his name is Kenji Nagashiwa, it is originaly a character my girlfiend made up and she wanted me to draw a version of him in my style and use it in my manga. this is practicaly my second design. my first design was made a year ago or something XD here is a link to her version of Kenji
Character is a god of the animal kingdom he is responsible to protect and defend the kingdo of embers kingdom
so what do you think?
I hope you like it!!

Miyavi 4ever^____^
Long time no upload! here is my latest piece! a girl eating pizza, whom i call "pizza-chan".
lineart done in sketchbook pro, and 
colored in Corel Painter IX.
Dustin C.
inspired by harajuku fashion and my love of shopping :)
random sketches of the same character. I love to draw curls
Hey MWS dudes ^^. My last upload was a long time ago. Been too busy working and training, that I forgot about my artskills. Well, I've been drawing again and I've made a lot of sketches including this tablet art I made in PS CS. It's a coloured sketch. Tooke me 3 hours. I actually have much better art, but Im kinda lazy with scanning, so this is all digital. Hope you njoy this one a bit :}