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^^ done, sorry it's a little small, the pixels went nuts, so I'd no other option than to reduce it to this size :S
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Perfect_Sollitude ^^ done, sorry it's a little small, the pixels went nuts, so I'd no other option than to reduce it to this size :S
Def Character 2005-05-09 13:09:54 Great work on the colouring keep it up!
Nagashiwa 2005-05-09 13:41:55 Nice work ^^
ukkie 2005-05-09 14:25:17 Looks very nice ^_^ Her head is kinda big but I should have told you that when you uploaded the sketch and not now, with the finished version, sorry ^_^;;; anyway overall pic is very nice and great coloring!^_^
edragon 2006-04-15 00:31:17 sexy pose :)
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This is an old digital drawing that i wanted to put back on here for all the newer members. What do you think?
one of my so shy and so mahinhin friend... as in....

though it was kind of rush.... she reeally appreciate my art... and that is my friend charm....
i think i have gotten alot better at shading it has taken me a while t get to were i am right now i still need to get alot better but i am glad with my progress i love manga drawing so much
WIP! i really want to master perspective so ... go me! ¬_¬U. The pose looks unnatural but it dosent look too wrong, it is posible. Y_Y Sorry about her mouth looking like a blow up doll Y_Y. BTW, her butt is too attention calling, hopefully that wont happen after colored ... C&C welcome
This is some fanart of Fruits Basket.. Kyou-kun ^^.. got lazy on the chair in the end.. your thoughts please !!
Plushies of Hiei and Kuroma!!
Ryu, again, on his throne of stone. Nude, but nothing dirty.
The image was reduced to fit the size limit. Go here to see the full size: <br>
Pencil, ink, and Photopaint effect. No flares, promise. ^_~
Weird one-eyed monster/human.
A Drawing of Prince Nai in chains. Nai is the main character of our primary property Prince Adventure Chronicles. He is also the companies mascot, Fantasy Soft Entertainment, LLC.

Drawn by Josh Smith ^_^;
i drew this when i had nothing elts to do in my class
so its not the best but i like it

and please leave comments telling me what you think