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A perspective work that i later wanted to color ^^
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Kheine A perspective work that i later wanted to color ^^
Kheine 2005-04-26 10:41:28 I know something is veeery wrong! DefChar, can you say good tips?
Def Character 2005-04-26 13:52:16 2 points for zoemba.....
gothqueen 2005-04-26 19:28:21 I like the colors and I think you're improving
Ayla 2005-05-03 10:14:08 dc is definitely improving since ive last been on the site! ^^ youre coloring is getting to be quite impressive. the grass is a little too neon green for me and then the bench just has that blotch.. but whatever. other than those few things, i think you're getting a lot better!! ^^ way to go, buddy!!
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Random art
Its my manga stuff of my mind :)
Lee Henrik
Sketch of female high elf warrior. This'll probably end up being a huge project if i carry it on and do the background. I was thinking of having ranks of elves lining the horizon and standards fluttering in the wind, your thoughts?
Sorry it's in very low res .. Still playing around with photoshop and stuff .. Anyway, I wanted to draw a kinda mad religious mecha with an enormous cross using as a shield or whatever .. Oh well .. Anyway, I hope the color scheme kinda suits .. Still some errors visible I think and the line-art could've been cleaner ..
My friend told me she was gonna take a shower, so I found a picture of her, and drew this, took me all of 20 minutes. Finished it far before she got back, as well. C&C welcome.
okay not anything is right..

but me like this one^^
Can't hide it any longer. I've been working on this one for quite some time now, trying to color it that is. I like how it worked out, although there are 'some' mistakes here and there. Anyways, plz crit it! The mecha-thinghy on the background is sorta like his ship, he crashed and now has to fix it. I'll upload the colored version too, but that's no way near completion yet....
Lol what kind of dumb name is that.... Anyway this is Germaine, in green and pink. At first I did a quick sketch at work during my lunch break, then at home I decided to finish it up. I kinda like it, what do you think? (Background done in photoshop)
well this took me longer than usual so please comment so i know what to fix.
A Tabi Chao, I was bored, this was a 2 hour doodle from start to finish at around 6am. Drawn and colored by tablet on Photoshop CS. Tabikat in all shapes and forms is ©2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque

Fear the cute...
whelp, there I go again, trying for the chubbeh but pretteh look ;3  I also (obviously) went for some shading on this one, and I really like the way it turned out ;D  heh, behold, another one of Emily's wonderfully craptacular backgrounds ;^^  *sweatdrop*
One of my favorite pages from the Naruto manga
a transformable cyborg for me renegade series. her.. yes, her name's jet. go figure what she can transform into. jet (c) emerson tung.

This is my own version of Gambit (in anime style) my favorite of the X-Men hope you like it