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i will use that as my sign
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noname i will use that as my sign
ukkie 2005-04-20 19:26:02 Nice ^_^ his hand is kind of small though. But good job on the shading and all ^_^
Misato 2005-04-22 18:53:06 was the rest of it so bad that you didn't scan it?! :P
noname 2005-04-23 22:13:05 'was the rest of it so bad that you didn't scan it?! :P' sign stands for signature ... so there is no 'rest of it'....
Misato 2005-04-25 20:30:24 don't tell me... really? ^^
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Random art
this is me, drawing
well, my best realistic work until now. It's Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow. What do you think?
I mistakingly deleted it, lol

Alissa and Peter, I like this couple so much, lol.
C & C pleAse
Some oekaki skethes i've made during the latest weeks and days tihiih
I copied this from a how to draw manga book , I tried to make little changes to her but I didn't because that would ruin the picture...
a dude
Part 3 of my Series Girls with Big... Reptiles!
I had ran out of reptiles,(or at least ones i could think of) Then i found my reptile book low and behold there it is! The backround is kinda crappy but otherwise.
She is Clare from the manga called Claymore
Lee Henrik
This is ph47d3m0n's Guitar Hero Les Gibson Faceplate. It sucked ass before the customization (it had these cheap flames on it) he's a FF geek, so i painted Cloud with a bunch of Chocobo's there.

No idea what they're doing though XD

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
fanart of John Bender and Allison from The Breakfast Club...enjoy..
Well this is the final piece. Comment or crit. Spongebob is never going to fly sandy's rocket ever again.
I had a goal when I was coloring this, and that was using a whole other style then I used to. I made up to 3 patterns and used them in several ways in this piece ^_^