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Hey, submitted my work to Blizzard recently for their 2D Illustrator position, for such an
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The Raging Spaniard Hey, submitted my work to Blizzard recently for their 2D Illustrator position, for such an "occassion" I made the following drawing (to try and get in their good graces an' stuff). Colors will come eventually, kthanks :)
Tom 2005-04-11 07:13:03 awesome! :D
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-04-11 10:04:10 Agree with both of 'em!! ^^ Great
Marius 2005-04-11 10:26:33 Amazing detail and great linearting! You should color it soon yeah :)
TheDarkHell 2005-04-11 12:43:35 really nice you would fit in just fine at blizzard ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-04-11 14:44:46 nice work clean
paper-samurai 2005-04-11 17:45:54 great quality!
ukkie 2005-04-11 18:43:49 nothing to add that hasn't already been said ^_^ keep up the good work!
Kaizu 2005-04-12 11:52:56 Thats 1 big bad ogre >< BTW Good look at blizzard man, probaly a dream of many to work there. Best of luck !
CericCalas 2005-04-13 03:20:57 awesome design, only one thing i see, the left arm of the dude is smaller than the right arm, but it's more perpendicular to the view given... awesome piece, your skill will truely get you a worthy position.
AIKUZA 2005-04-18 11:17:52 drawn very good with motion and shit. nice work!
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I was making this one originally for a girl whose birthday passed a bit ago, but i made i big mistake and i fear that i have made her mad at me, so this one ended to be an apology :/
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Please tell me what think! I've been working like freaking hell to finish this!!! Now im hungry! byeeeee

believe it or not! DC IS BACK THERE!zomfg o_O
Wow, I drew a GUY!? (I need to draw more guys)
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thought I'd color Shanice ^_^ she was waiting a while for it