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wel this is a sexy cyber knight justttt the way i like them.  well  c & c are welcome but just injoooy it ^^
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TheDarkHell wel this is a sexy cyber knight justttt the way i like them. well c & c are welcome but just injoooy it ^^
Marius 2005-04-09 18:04:49 Very nice! Not too fond about the clothing (doesn't match the rest of the outfit, tech 'n stuff) The tech is awesome btw!
ukkie 2005-04-09 18:12:00 I'm kinda wondering why she's wearing clothing at all, I don't think it would make such a big difference ^_~ anyway, nice pic, good work on the lineart! I do agree with Marius about the clothing though ^_^
TheDarkHell 2005-04-09 18:37:16 thx you guys but i didn't really wanted to draw some neon genensis like swimsuit for her (whits i really like tho rei owns XD) but did wanted to show her nice curves and stuff ^^ so i just toke normal tight clothes (accept for the shirt tho i wish thos were whorn normaly by girls ;) )
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-04-09 19:36:08 Nice work, you shouldn't draw the muscles on the stomach, which is too long btw, but other than that cool!
Kheine 2005-04-09 22:07:45 Looks cool darkbro but she maybe shows too much :D Lovely design thou
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-04-12 13:35:31 cool job
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Random art
Heres another big piece for me, the whole gang of Chrono Trigger. Done in pencil then switched the color a little bit in Photoshop. Im actually gonna use this as a cover for a 3 page story ill do next involving these guys :), so I hope you like it. Artwork by Xavier Garcia, Chrono Trigger, its characters and its logo are copyrighted to Squaresoft so theyve got all the rights in da world to do what they want with them, so there!-
The Raging Spaniard
This is a very old drawing of mine. I colered it to make even better than the scetch version.
In September I hope to attend the HKU Game-art. For the admission project I have to create my own boardgame. I came up with a very cool concept~ it's going to involve cards. these are the images on it's own. check and see the complete cards ^^
This is my first artwork here. The scanning quality is bad, but please tell me what you think.
The No Name Series
Alizee is the character I created for D.Gray-Man.

when I read/watch a series I like, I always think, 'if I had a character in this series, how would she be?' and then make one~
as you can probably tell by the doll she's holding, Alizee is in love with Allen-Kun ^^
Wow! havent been here in ages! also didnt add alot of work here O.o' ah well.. just look at my website for those =p anyway made this one today ^^ and it's for a custom case for my iphone xD
I alwayz see alot of cat girls so I thought I'd try sumthin different so I drew a wolf girl
nothing to do much this summer....
and i haven't watch this film- ang haba ng pila ng mga humiram ng vcd...hayzzzz
This is a character me and my friends came up with. I do the artwork and most of the story, but me and my friends team up on it and come up with some hilarious stuff. I might post some of it.
line art for know 
i dont know what colors to use
The second picture prieview in the "Girls&Signs" series.

I have to admit I used some reference materials for this picture to make it look more 'real'.

I stil need some more ideas for the series... help me out!
this is a old one but i coloured ith and please give some commend
pencil no jutsu
Ksiethluer, a previous patron to MWS colored this comic I made.