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Giftart for someone I know. Coincidently it's her birthday today, so congratz!
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Marius Giftart for someone I know. Coincidently it's her birthday today, so congratz!
Caro 2005-04-09 17:06:33 Thats so sweet! Thank you so much for making this cool card for me. I like it very much! You r a great friend xxxc
ukkie 2005-04-09 17:51:44 Cool, nice pic ^_^ And Heather Nova rulezz too ^_~
gothqueen 2005-04-09 19:05:39 Looks cool
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-04-12 13:33:55 haha fun nicely done
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Random art
this is my first human modeling in maya. just thought of a story line today for my animation clip. hope it comes out as i've picturised it in my head.
So, I decided the other version of this wasn't finished after all lol.  Been a while since I've revisited the smudging technique; I've missed it  : )
well this is for the cyber ninja zombie shooter im going to make for school xD .. maby i should still but some frames in .. ahh well ill see ^^
Like I said, here's the other rikku :)
somehow i like girls with swords...BIG swords!
=3 male figure practice, ok ok i know!, some of those muscles dont exists ¬¬. -------- What i like: 1] the golden rings on its waist ended up looking pretty awesome. 2] missing fingers + gold prosthesis ^-^U i like the idea of making imperfect bodies, but sometimes it freaks me out. 3] the texture on some part on his skin -------- what i dont like: 1] he looks like freddy kruger. 2] his arm looks too rigid. 3] his head seems to be too width for his body ... ¬¬ ... yes, i still want to scared little kids before they got ot bed ..... As always all C&C are welcome =3
Bday card. With an adult tint...
These are the Ashleys.  They were friends of mine who went to my old high school.  I don't know, I think I totally butchered this sketch with the computer.
Another compter-person. This is Fairy my laptop. The brushes were from here:

This is a bookmark I'm thinking of selling copies of at Animethon 13.
12 zodiac
Did you knew I made this art on July 25 2005?! Its soo old, and I never uploaded it. I forgot ^^;;. And since I havent finished any other art. This is a left over made in illustrator to let yu know im still 
breathing. God Bless!
yes there names are watermelon and hippo... anyway, these are random chraters, watermelon kinda looks like ashe from ffxii.... sorry, i was really excited for this game, whne i drew this pic!

pencil crayon

hehehe, i love the cape, and the checkers... the guy is a littl elong.. but its a really good guy for me!!!
just wanna upload a few thing since i havent been very active
Sargent Peter is my son. This is how I see him anyway