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just fooling around a bit in flash mx . its a girl whit her little pet :P. hope you like it
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TheDarkHell just fooling around a bit in flash mx . its a girl whit her little pet :P. hope you like it
ukkie 2005-04-06 11:28:31 Little? :P Anyway, nice pic ^_^ I like the coloring, but it looks like you were a bit lazy doing the background, since the girl is colored more detailed. Correct me if I'm wrong ^_^
Kheine 2005-04-06 11:37:40 Cute pet :P kinda love the bg thou its a little ?sketchy, but well... you makes bg's better than me ^^ neat colors ^^ DarkBro!!
TheDarkHell 2005-04-06 13:43:47 tnx for the comment you 2 and ukkie jeah on the bg i didn't really spend that mutch time ^^
TheDarkHell 2005-04-07 02:23:42 could be both marie ;)
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Don't got much to say about it =/
I was bored so I draw this next to my computer (Oo oO)I think it came out better than I've expected it to be
This is my pet Vampire, Zepei. He's my vampire/imaginary boyfriend thingy. xDD I am so pathetic. Anyhows. I love him. 

Zepei is copyright ME. ALL MINE. Steal his concept/ drawingness and I will stab you. NOT KIDDING.

Srsly. :S
this is me, drawing
I made this whit my friend dynasty sat hope you like it C&c are very welcome
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bah! its another lol I will colour and everything most of my pics eventually :P i dont know what i was thinking when i drew the outfit for her...... not bad though i suppose
I'm dutch, so most of u probably won't know what the saying "geniet maar drink met mate" means :)

It means, Enjoy but drink with discipline.

Thing is, when i put a "n" behind the word "mate",then it becomes "maten", wich means mates in dutch :)

So that would make: Enjoy, but drink with mates xD
just though of placing my character bloodyspasm in another inviroment...a pirate ship..his legs are a bit too short , and his hand is totally wrong...