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This art is from Zetsuai -1989-  ( from Minami Ozaki)

it was 7-8 hours work^^
I hope you like it.
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Nagashiwa This art is from Zetsuai -1989- ( from Minami Ozaki) it was 7-8 hours work^^ I hope you like it.
Ayla 2005-04-04 17:27:14 its really good.. it's like... woah.. not sure i like the nail color though.. but that's just me. ^^ your style reminds me a lot of clamp (x/1999-ish)
paper-samurai 2005-04-06 08:38:26 7 to 8 hours? god thats long
MatthiusMonkey 2005-04-06 17:01:33 u certanly are good at the clap style ^_^
gothqueen 2005-04-08 07:35:54 Wow that is sooooooo cool! Amazing job!
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-04-12 14:43:20 beter style
WOLF 2007-07-30 11:54:32 (y)
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here are those plushies screen toned
So, in my large amount of boredom this winter break, I started reading up on Tarot cards and stuff, and decided to start designing my own. It's actually a bit of a dual project - I paired role-playing characters with various tarot cards, so hopefully some characters will finally get portraits that haven't yet.

Anyway, this character is Sonya, and I tagged her as The Fool. I could go into a fairly long explanation of the character and why I chose this particular card for her, but it's late, and I think I'll spare you guys the gory details : )

I will, however, go ahead and comment that I'm not sure if this picture is what I'd call "finished" or not. Might try adding details to the background and all at some point, but for now I was starting toget antsy to work on other cards. Next up - Bailey: The Magician.
*tilts head* hn, I must just be in an angel mood ;^^  This is just me playing around with the oekaki again :3  this time it was my first-ever DnD character Nichole (the biter) and my cousin Kaila's character Asterixxx (the, ah, bitee ^^), better known as Rix,  and..they have angel wings because...because ;^^  like I said, I must just be in a mood xD  *pokes Rix's wing*
Somewhere-between-sketch-and-lineart of an upcoming project of mine. Was wondering if the proportions are right, what ya think of it, what could be improved, etc. etc. So C&C it is!
Doin some fanart for old times' sake. <3

Superbike actionpose. I've already uploaded this one in the past, but I've changed a lot to it. It's now coloured for example. It's not my best I think, but I had to upload it, cause it looked so cool^^.
Wow. I havent been back on this website for a long long time, really glad I remembered my account info haha. Uploading some old art works and such. Hope you like it, please comment / critique! ^^
this is my first time drawing in pen hope you like it.
Here is the second version.. hope u ppl like it better than the last 1. Although there are not many adjustments..
What the %$# is this!? I don't even really know But I like it especially(or a word that's looks similar to it/my english s#cks) the red light
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