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I love this one!! I was up all night yesterday 'cause I couldn't sleep, then I drew this one^^ C&C are very welcome :P
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Perfect_Sollitude I love this one!! I was up all night yesterday 'cause I couldn't sleep, then I drew this one^^ C&C are very welcome :P
Def Character 2005-04-04 14:19:54 Good work...
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-04-05 12:32:39 Thank you^^
AIKUZA 2005-04-05 17:26:05 what a nice chick. Very sexy. I like her outfit on top. Shorts could've been better, and her nose might look better closer to her mouth. nice work though :)
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-04-12 14:43:56 haha like it ;)
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Random art
I haven't uploaded in a while but I haven't got much time to draw either, so I decided to upload something I made at school on the back of a piece of paper (no lined-paper, yay! ^_~) It's not one of my best drawings and there are many flaws (like, the shape of her head seems a little weird) but I just think it's a cute drawing so I upload it anyway ^_^ Had much discussions with 3 classmates on how the legs should look, I think (hope) they are more or less correct now (though maybe a little short) ^_^
a warrior wearing the half of a mask... the one owns the other half the controls the warrior
Floating cities in the sky! zomg! Sketch! paoweifjapweo... yeah.
xP Posted at - scrapped because i didn't like it - I think i mutated the face too much T______T
evil lizard
no idea
a little sketch
it is edward!!! i love him so much >.<
i made this for a friend of mine
Another Aycol?n...I draw this one for my dear friend Lysander... this pic is very small, cause I drew it into her Con Hon... little books, where other artists can draw into (I collected many artworks that way ^^).

Well, again Ayco... and HE IS a guy. Hope everybody understand ^__^
My OC Xik
well not really.
its a Vector painting of ME dressed UP like my OC Xik. odd, isn't it? we look similar... but she has freckles and her hair is a little different from mine. so TECHNICALLY this is a picture of meee, but.. im.. cosplaying my OC I guess? idunno.

This was from a bigger pic, but i cut this one out because it is going to be an important chara from a story of mine, and the wrighting is no nonsense :P
the tenth page of princess nightmare