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I love this one!! I was up all night yesterday 'cause I couldn't sleep, then I drew this one^^ C&C are very welcome :P
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Perfect_Sollitude I love this one!! I was up all night yesterday 'cause I couldn't sleep, then I drew this one^^ C&C are very welcome :P
Def Character 2005-04-04 14:19:54 Good work...
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-04-05 12:32:39 Thank you^^
AIKUZA 2005-04-05 17:26:05 what a nice chick. Very sexy. I like her outfit on top. Shorts could've been better, and her nose might look better closer to her mouth. nice work though :)
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-04-12 14:43:56 haha like it ;)
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My friend june at Hogwartss. She would be a Gryffindor, definately. LOL. Anyhow. I did this when my dad was performing at the coffeehouse. 8D Twas fun.
A girl is trying to escape from sorrow and painful world
yay chibi me eating somebody's heart! xD my hair is a bit darker and my fringe is longer though =P i think it worked out cute, even if i did kinda screw up her left foot... oh well, it was just a little sketch anyways xD hope you like it ^^
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blah, character sketchy tiem.  I dunno.  Picture from me for the first time in like forever, tho!  whooo~!  *waves flag*

<sub> Yaaaay. It's the Front Cover of my manga, The Warehouse. ^_^ Before anyone gets smart-alecky or is bewildered, he's NOT walking in the snow shirtless. He's walking through the snow after a battle. His shirt is actually torn. .-. Yes. <p>.<p>© 2007 TARA-LYNN SHARROCK
I was planning to color it, but now i'm too lazy +.+)/
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Please excuse my failness :3 I love meee sum bleach son!
Hey, Just dropping some cool sketches. This is for a schoolproject. They're character designs for a game we're making. Didnt know what to upload, but someone will enjoy this artwork XD. I cant explain the game, cause the gameplay is too complicated but fun to be understood in this page. Let yall know when its done. This is the final version I think, and its about to be modeled. Time for some sleep -__-
from my manga "cats dumpling rock n roll"
Attitude. Attitude is good.