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Okay, coloured!! Please comment^^
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Perfect_Sollitude Okay, coloured!! Please comment^^
BlackCat 2005-11-13 06:22:08 Nice drawing. I love the pose and her shiny hair. Her neck just looks a bit too short and she is floating above the rocks.. The rest is great though :)
edragon 2006-03-25 22:12:31 really good. I like the position and the anatomy of the character. That right hand looks really awesome but it does look a little masculine for the character, just a little nitpicking cause the picture looks really good. two thumbs up.
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Random art
well its the end of summer, so me and manaphy are pissed!
took all day to color in photoshop, and a few hours to do the background earlier. i think it came out pretty good. ^_^
for a bigger resolution version goto my DeviantArt page. <br>
Dustin C.
Started as a sketchtraining on how to draw faces from different views and ended up colored and stuff :P  What a shitpic
Self portrait~

I'm not really this cute though XD
Nameless - CG: Paint Shop Pro - Black and White with just a tad of colour in the eyes. I'm going to CG this more seriously sometime later - oct 2003
something i'm working on.
Dustin C.
Marker fun~ A gift for my friend on DevArt (OniKitsueSlinky).
My naga girl I know there are little mistakes but still like her ^^
i drawn him because i borrowed his pentel pen and he also requested for it...

he was playing ragnarok before but humbly gave his account to his cousin.....

well, medyo corny minsan at pasaway dahil adik din sa games tulad ko pero dahil friendship......friendship
I just wanted to get the pose from the picture to the right. 

and i like to go to ze movies... (you know what goes here)
Love I don't know what this picture associate with love but there is a song thats calls "Garden of Love "
My first comic booke and only 14 years old WOehOee^^
not the best way to express irritation, but I liked the idea. and the hair.
listening to music