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Uhm. Drawing by me, coloring by Aikuza. Look at the time. Bye.
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ricepuppet Uhm. Drawing by me, coloring by Aikuza. Look at the time. Bye.
AIKUZA 2005-03-26 23:26:58 I think I can colour better than this. Was it lazyness knocking at my door again? I just dig the overall design a bit.
Kaizu 2005-03-27 01:26:12 Whahaha love the SHBLAMBRAPP AND SHIT ! Its a bit hard to see what the pic is all about, looks cool in a way though. Proportions of the guy arent right. Oh i like the little picture in the low right corner above Ricepuppet :D
ricepuppet 2005-03-27 12:34:08 It's me slaying a stupid '60 retro robot by blasting his stupid head off. Proportions are made awkward on purpose to reflect the wild style. And the picture in the corner, that's me.
Kheine 2005-03-27 20:01:22 i have no idea what to say xD
ricepuppet 2005-04-04 09:33:59 Dont say shit.
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I'm trying to work  on my skill with hands, when I draw my left hand the result is .. acceptable, but when I try to draw a couple of hands on my char the results are...crap ^^ Anyway I think I'm gonna work this guy out and make some good hands for him. The problem is I can't seem to draw hands that small ^^ any tips, for the char and the hands?? C&C PLZ :D
It's been a while huh?
Here's a little something :3
I was bored, and I found this really old drawing. So I decided to color it....and so I did ^_^
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Another old art remasterd and edited to look better than it did before.

The seccond part of the heavensgate series.
In here you see the souls enter the final high grounds to rest forever.
another character based off of Ah! My Goddess...actually the same girl as before lol
A concept piece for the III Thieves Pinball Adventure game, a pinball game based on the steampunk adventures of the III thieves.
:l .. okkkkkk then THIS aint a bg, and it aint manga. :D now i am right, .. right? Anyway, its my little sister :P isn't she cute? <3
A fast sketch I made after a friend of mine told me of an idea she had. sorry for the bad scan quality
My favorite original character and my favorite College football team XD. Experimenting with halftone and grayscale toning. Photoshop.
i was going 4 a cheeky yet sweet look i call this picture sweet cherrys i wasnt sure wether to put 18+on it. but u know just in case. piz like it^-^
I hope you like the color

someone ask me to collor it.. and I hope you like it too
:D third page.
and the song takado is singing is "Bad things" by Wednesday 13. It's a badass song xD
Tralala...a new character sketch of the main character of my still-in-progress-still-in-revision original fic, Drahkernym ^^ I didn't like the first drawing I did so I decided to redo him. And he underwent a personality change so I needed to reflect that...somewhat. Anywho, a really sketchy sketch that I'm happy with xD