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I havent done any serious works for a while. So here is one i kinda like and is one of the serious works of mine... but a
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Kheine I havent done any serious works for a while. So here is one i kinda like and is one of the serious works of mine... but a "weak one" ^^ I have cheap bg?s cuz i hate em!
AIKUZA 2005-03-24 22:42:55 the concept and pose are really cool done. Colouring also, but the BG...... :P. Let's hate them together, maybe will be famous! And the girl leans a bit uncomfortable against him. And what happened to the guy's other hand? Other than that, the art is really cool. It's suppose to be yourself there, right?
AIKUZA 2005-03-24 22:52:25
Kheine 2005-03-24 22:54:12 WTF? Awesome pic! How ya did that so fast huh?
Kheine 2005-03-24 22:55:37 and yeah! thats not me! but if i change the hair just a little bit, that would be me in manga mode! His other hand is digging some sands :P
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:05:15 and he has a wing now
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:05:40 Yo! how ya doin dude? im think im gonna fall asleep soon... -_o
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:06:16 shall i change? to the new version?
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:06:36 nah, still have some shit to do. and i am eating cookies.
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:06:52 what new version?
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:07:16 okay -__-;;; I forgot already
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:07:22 what shit? you say very much shit yknow! i wonder :D
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:07:32 if you wanna
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:07:48 yeah I wonder as well
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:08:28 Shall i then? slave? say yes miDARKlord or no miDARKlord
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:09:17 hey this is illegal right? is def char gonna be mad? ^^
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:10:41 YO HAWKENDOO! JOIN OUR CHAT HERE!
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:11:21 DARK AIKUZA commands your ass to upload the newer version
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:11:25 BG?s SUCKS! But y know what? i should sleeeeep
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:12:03 THEN CHANGE NAME TO DARKAIKUZA THEN!
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:12:27 yeah you should sleep like a plastic frog and dont forget to drink old cola
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:12:54 dont think so, that's my artist name for many years, you dig dude
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:16:19 WOW! took about 2 minutes to change! I HAVE SUPERSPEED CP!
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 00:17:41 yeah, you good! but dude, this is the last comment fro me, I'm tired. It was a long day... laters dude!
Kheine 2005-03-25 00:17:46 old cola is good for you right?
WOLF 2005-03-25 19:31:46 i love those nice warm colors =_='
AIKUZA 2005-03-25 23:29:27 yeah I like the colours as well darkcloud. let us all reach for jungle ass and grab it.
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whoo, this changed quite a bit oO  it started out as a girl helping her brother up a tree ;^^  kinda... ended up different xD  But anyway, prolly my bst angel picture so far, I found a really nifty way to make the wings ^o^  but, I feel like the background could be better.  Quite honestly didn't know what else to do with it, though oO  Ah well xD
just something I did when I finished my exams...
this is a picture of a guy my friend and I saw downtown.... IM NOT A STALKER!!! ok so... we were trying to explin what he looks like to a friend but we couldnt do it, so i just drew him instead. it kinda looks like  him... ~~done with a pencil and a ball-point pen, those things on his chin are peircings... they kinda dont look like it.

i likey his hair :D
<b>Goose Chase - Section A</b><br/><br/>This is but 1 small section of a bigger picture I am planning to draw and colour ^^;<br/><br/>I you enjoy looking at this picture as much as me =)
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After a year of compulsory military service (and inactivity -_-) I am back :P
I am really happy ‘cause this account still exist …although I doubt if anyone remember me XD
Anyway to cut a long story short I draw this sketch to test my rusty skills in drawing bodies thus there are no cloths (although if u take a look at the girl… u can tell that I got a bit carried away :P) 
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i actually spent 1 class and one lunch period drawing this... if it werent for sharlene-chan i would of posted this up with food stains XD
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