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Streetfighter,little work,lazy
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paper-samurai Streetfighter,little work,lazy
paper-samurai 2005-03-24 21:41:12 no idea son:) i just stole this one from an other website.
AIKUZA 2005-03-24 21:54:24 hehe what is this? orange? milk? It? a nice piece, but they aren't really fighting I guess. Isn't the jacketdesign mixed with Kyo and Iori or something? And I love the way you coloured his pants. Chun Li's kneecap reminds me of popey. that's all, but I dig fighting chara's so I dig this as well ^^. And what's with that: "hmm..." on my cammy art? :P. And about the Thumbnail animation piers. I use animation shop for that. This way you can choose your quality of image, and you can lower them so the size will go down as well. And if you copy images from photoshop into a animation program for gifs, be sure to save them as gifs first, and choose your quality of colours in PS. Than you can import them into your iamge ready. These are just some options, but I think you'll get it right. Hey Paper-samurai, did you watched K1 Japan last monday? It was the shit!
Kheine 2005-03-24 22:52:29 i dont get the joke... i think its a joke... but its real neat ye know ^^
paper-samurai 2005-03-25 13:46:12 you did way better jobs on some of youre other drawings,cammy wasnt the best one..And i could not remember how that jacket looked like from kyo,guess it was iori's jacket that had a half moon on it. And sadly i mist it last monday,i'm kinda wating for k1 seool.(did you ever try BJJ,you should chek it out sometime,theirs a good school in rotterdam, And about the orange milk thing,it means nothing,and why does the kneecap remind you of popey?!
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