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an assasin...
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noname an assasin...
Kaizu 2005-03-16 01:00:54 eh, i dont see a thumbnail, neither a drawing up here.
Kaizu 2005-03-16 01:01:18 Or maybe he just enjoys being hidden very well ^^
noname 2005-03-16 16:19:20 what;! are you blind ;;;;;;;
AIKUZA 2005-03-16 20:15:50 I agree with all, or i'm just lazy to comment properly. I like his face though!
Misato 2005-03-17 11:53:39 I find it interesting... good job!
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Random art
now i know this one deserves the box lol.
don't you think ?
can i be ur's?
just a girl I sketched at 3:00 pm -__-"  I hate backgrounds! XD
I'm not very good at drawing hands, and something doesn't seem right about this picture. Strange proportions maybe... Comments anybody?
Andalyn Van Hellsing
ermff, I seem to be moving away from manga-style lately... blame school art classes >_<  but anyway, my roomie asked me to draw a picture of her, so I did, and this is the result.  Yay? xD
Another christmas present for one of my friends. ^_^
I started but I become a little lazy, so I decide to  finish it later ;p
This is Max the Dreamer and is my first manga drawing.
:P I like this one...First time I made something like this, what d'you think?
valentine contest

a date
major banana
A pic of mine, i guess of kosuna pointing out trouble for desert punk? lol
It's Viaresu (Bierrez) from Dragon Knights by Mineko Ohkami :O Drawn to celebreate National Viaresu Month xD;; It's been a while since I've drawn and colored anything o_o
Nothing beats Castlevania games!   
Finally i got some power to do some more serious stuff... exept the bg... i hate bg. Its a old lineart but i recently colored it ^^