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noname ARAA...
Evan 2005-03-14 18:49:35 Ha Ha Big head!
Misato 2005-03-15 18:14:33 Nice! His face is cute but the body is too small... Try to colour it too! :)
noname 2005-03-16 16:17:28 i did his head big inoder to make him a bit funy...colour it;! that is not a good idea
Misato 2005-03-17 11:57:26 Ahaa!
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Quick colour doodle in painter ^w^
Not much to say. Inked on paper, colors in Photoshop :D
The Raging Spaniard
pet,buddy or your husband ?

hmm....i had nothing 2 do so i made this, 1st i scanned my drawin then i did some editting with photo shop ~_~
2 lazy 2 make a background
Kakashi belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
Sargent Peter is my son. This is how I see him anyway
another page from sketch book 
older saske
older rock lee
naruto and hinata
cray from 3rd collab
renton from eureka7

NOT FINISHED YET!!! still working on the background, but I am completely stuck on there, and I will be gone for 2 weeks tomorrow so I thought I'll just upload a Work In Progress version here.
i draw this for fun and i like what came up hope you like it to ^^
pencil no jutsu
A picture of sanji I drew from one piece. I had a little trouble drawing the smoke but other than that I think it came out pretty good, but if there are any other suggestions on what I should do to improve this please tell me.
well this is are character of a role-play that i am doing the one on the left is rei, and the one on the right is dai, they are twins brother, and they love each other more than brothers XD...i wish i could color it, but i don't have photoshop U.U but oh well enjoy it
just a pic based on FFVII
[ MECHA T30505 ] Just try to make some more time for my renders. And my love for mecha's again ^^. Mannn, I want this dude to be real so he could shoot on all kinds of toilets in amusementparks (3dMax modelling and layout with PS).