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Can you guess who my favorite Naruto-character is? ^_~ (used some reference for this)
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ukkie Can you guess who my favorite Naruto-character is? ^_~ (used some reference for this)
ukkie 2005-03-09 17:19:06 he's really stiff in the full frontal pic, I know, but it was just to practise his clothes and everything ^_^
Remi 2005-03-09 18:25:27 It's scarecrow, cool. :) But where's his book? ^^ Oh, and I'm missing a profile pic to go with the rest.
gothqueen 2005-03-10 19:19:49 Cool, you've really mastered drawing Kakashi
gothqueen 2005-03-10 19:20:44 Cool you've really mastered drawing Kakashi
gothqueen 2005-03-10 19:21:21 oops, something went wrong while posting
Def Character 2007-04-29 06:51:13 b^^
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Random art
this is just a bit of what i've been doing for the tv station that hired me... i post it cuz i haven't been able to do anything else and i felt like it was time to upload something :D --- 2
Just some bishi leaning against a wall. The proportions are all wrong, but I kinda like the result. The jacket was a lot of work.
!!!................................................................................................................................................................................. Nothing to tell -_-

But... Please Comment... wanna improve :D
2 furres ( cat girls ) 
something else i drew, it's not my best drawing, but some tips and comments sure would help ^_^  *ps: i know he doesnt have any hands, but i s*** at those so bleh :P*
A picture for a friend. It's Okuni from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Comments?
A little joke I imaged for Halloween-only a month late right?
Draco Lunara
Hi, I haven't drawn for a longgggggg time, too busy with schoolll :(, my nephew challenged me to draw naruto. I don't know the word for 'natekenen' Oh men Engels is moeilijk zeg, voor de nederlanders onder ons: ik heb hem dus nagetekend. XD Anyway here is Naruto!!! ^0^

so I am planning to ink and color this soon... just wanted some quick crit on some things, mainly the guy's legs, (Is he too tall?)
I also posted this in the forums under work in progress, though that may be against the rules, lol
This drawing speaks by itself, as they see is a CATBOY that tangle in its own ball
you all know hayate. in the background is his party member "Gene-ex". he is an experimental weapon made by the americans, created to destroy everything in it's way. gene-ex doesn't have feelings, somehow he became friends with hayate ( long story ) and his sister fel in love with him. in this picture, Gene-ex shows his feelings for the first time, seeing his beloved getting killed. ( my own crit about this drawing is that Hayate's feet is wrong and Gene-ex's hand.
Heya MWS! Wanted to go for a new professional look of my arts. More cleaner stuff and less sketchy style this time. sorry for not uploading in a while, but i have been very busy (work, training, chilling). And i think everyone is on vacation, so i hope someone will see this one ^^;;. I've made several sketches and digital arts, but this one stood out as the best. What I like about it, is that its all done in Illustrator CS except for the fonts. So the colouring as well. SO it was a new technique for me. And the quality of the image is super, but you'll have to do it with this one, since the quality is reduced so much. Anyway, i like the fresh look, only thing i dont like is the HAND holding the guitar. Its an artist lazyness, so ill fix it some other time. Hope you'll like it! ^__^ bye bye and shit!
A simple wallpaper of our upcoming new hit manga series! This is also the Mascot, the name Prince Nai!

Drawn by Josh Smith