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This is my submition for Isocity. It's pretty self explanitory--a shuttle ready for launch.
Comments very welcome for improvement.
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CericCalas This is my submition for Isocity. It's pretty self explanitory--a shuttle ready for launch. Comments very welcome for improvement.
ukkie 2005-03-07 21:02:09 don't know anything to say, honestly ^_^; I do agree with Jupiter that blue would be better for a background ^_^
Marius 2005-03-07 21:10:30 the bg here isn't important here, since in the endresult the bg will be transparant. Atleast, so it seems to me. It looks very good ^^, but what are the red and yellow things on the fence?
CericCalas 2005-03-07 22:04:53 the background IS transparent.--and the red and yellow things are Ped-Xing lights...(the ones with the hand and the walking stickfigure) I had them on every corner, but I had to shrink my file, and I didn't think it looked that good anyway.
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Random art
well I finally got the time to add some shadows to this, I guess its done, though it could be improved.
Well, I drew it at a picnic for my brother's school ... and decided to color it.  Really just a five-minute sketch and a 10-minute color, but its cute, yah?
I hope you like it.
Illustration asignment for school. I didn't have much time to color so it's a big rush job. Maybe I'll recolor it one day..

EDIT: yeah, I recolored it :)
page 6
Cheza and Kiba from wolfsrain ^^ i just came up with the idea when i was at work =p
Just some random guy. I have no idea why I drew him.
this is my very own version of my chibi self.... hehehehe...
messing arround
Manga Art
hey! well, Riot kinda "requested" this one, and Im veery glad he did since I think this is one of my best new pieces :), it was all done in pencil and then retouched in photoshop. Vagrant Story and all related characters as well as the logo are copyright to Squaresoft, so please leave them alone kids :). Well, this is fun so a Chrono Trigger drawing is next, hope you guys like this one :D
The Raging Spaniard
WOOHOO! It turned out great! Thanks To Bee-chan for the main color work on this peice, its just what i imagined it would be! i did the background with the speedlines and stuff. also, i drew the lineart using only pencil, not a drop of ink was used in this collab pic.
Dustin C.
Emma Watson from "Harry Potter".
I made this origanaly as a Nude picture, but I did'nt think some people here would have liked that.

for the original Nude version goto:

I think it turned out great... I wanted to draw her for a looooong time now.
He is Pan. The stongest of all satyrs. Son of God Hermis. His hobby? Going after Nymps... ^^