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Satyrs celebrate for Dionysus. They are in ecstasy.
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Misato Satyrs celebrate for Dionysus. They are in ecstasy.
Misato 2005-03-25 17:05:38 please comment!!!!
noname 2005-05-04 22:27:32 if you plead me to comment... they look hairy... but hei that is how Satyrs should look like...
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Random art
i just made this.....a little...simple
really wasn't sure about the rating, so I just leaned on the safe side and went ahead and rated it.  Role-playing characters.  The one in jeans is Evan, which you guys might've caught me doodling before.  The other is a friend's character.  Not sure if you want to hear the details or not xD;  lol.
Poor Guy -_-

Prismacolor pencil on Prismacolor markers, with help of just a bit of photoshop filter (blur). I'm still not sure what rating   this should have...
Meika - CG: Paint Shop Pro - nov 2001
Group Picture
A random cat person ^w^
I love Guilty gear^^ it's one hell of a cool game and anime^^....for those who did not see it yet DO SO!!

My fav charra to play is Dizzy^^ i know all her moves and won against some powerfull people in the past.

Dizzy's fav envonrement is the forest so i let her be in the forest^^

I hope you like it^^  Arigato Ja-Ne
MWAHAAAHHAA!! My first attempt at drawing Vincent in chibi form. Sorry it's on paper with lines, but made this one during class.

anela and her valentine luke. done in pastel chalk

well this is my a3 fan-art of link. well the eyes are badly drawn because if draw them on the pc. (well i draw them on paper but ireased so mutch that there was a hole in the paper :P) but ill changes the eyes wen i inkt it. i used a pic somewhere from the net from a preference for links clothes. the dragon i did do design myself ^^, well injoy C&C are welcome
This is a chibified character from me, her name is Miki. I like the perspective and I hope it came out nicely ^^