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0_o a happy piece from me... Dunno what got into me :P Anyways, sumthin to brighten up yur day ^^
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Marius 0_o a happy piece from me... Dunno what got into me :P Anyways, sumthin to brighten up yur day ^^
Caro 2005-02-23 12:49:09 it's soooooo cute!!! happy happy happy ! *big smile. luv it xc
Evan 2005-02-23 20:11:25 You play Sonic?
Marius 2005-02-23 23:31:04 Yeah, a looooooooong time ago, so NO, I didn't know Chao was a character from Sonic. Thanks all ^^
Caro 2005-02-25 10:05:26 reminds me so much of some one i know...but who... =P xc
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Random art
This creature of the night is called: "Sphinx". She rules the powers of the moon, but she's not sailormoon!!!
old art time.  I found it and decided to upload it cause I don't have anything else lol.

Harry Potter Grows Up
well this is my a3 fan-art of link. well the eyes are badly drawn because if draw them on the pc. (well i draw them on paper but ireased so mutch that there was a hole in the paper :P) but ill changes the eyes wen i inkt it. i used a pic somewhere from the net from a preference for links clothes. the dragon i did do design myself ^^, well injoy C&C are welcome
Kingdom  Hearts fan art. Oil on map board. Thoughts?
Bloodelf fanart from WoW
The bostaff girl returns and with a lot of changes. I've wanted to make a character with a bostaff for a while and the sketch I did of her sucked. So, I started from scratch. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. There's no background because I have special plans for that later. =) Special thanks to Aikuza for helping me find what was wrong with it. ^^ Hope you guys like it!!
I made this just today XD its not a copy or what ever ^-^. my boyfriend put some more ''contrast'' so you can see it beter, ^-^  plz comment ^-^'
Def Character
I have no idea what to do for the background...sigh...
Intended for the book cover but was changed. Lol
just random sketches.  I'm still waiting on the inspiration to finish them, heh heh.
I decided to draw the background 1st but cant decide on a character lol.  im torn bewtween and angel or a shrine maiden at the moment but I am open to other suggestions.