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romeo + juliet, what else? a tragic loev story. started off as a love/valentine picture, after i had  just watched
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zakuro romeo + juliet, what else? a tragic loev story. started off as a love/valentine picture, after i had just watched "the phantom of the opera" but then turned into romeo and juliet pic. the only think that is wrong with this pic in my opinion is that romeos fashion sence is a little ahead of his time.... but whats a couple 100 of years, hehehehe. done in india ink, nib, Hb pencil, and a red pencil crayon.
AIKUZA 2005-02-13 15:10:44 Details are really eyecatching. Just too bad about the stains. And the girl's head doesn't look so appealing to me :P. Like it's kinda crushed vertical, The man has a better structured face I think. That's why the girl's head looks kinda small as well. Dont get me wrong, I really like the pencil detail vibe to it. And the way he holds her dress is kinds akward. Still nice sketch, just clean up the stains. that will give it a better presentation.
zakuro 2005-02-16 22:05:43 oooooo, im so glad you liek the costumes!!! I'm an aspiring costume desiner, so that fact that you commented on the outfit just made my day!!! heehhehehe. as for the stains, iw as going to clean them up, but i decided against it, i like the way it turned out!
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Random art
I had fun drawing this picture.....the weird thing with wings' face is made entriely out of japanese hiragana.....XD
Any comments are welcome :)
Been a while, hasn't it. Been busy, internships here and there, but long story short, I finally did something!
B&W sketch oh photopaint of Vash the Stampede from Trigun, my fave anime :-)
Well this picture was way cooler not scanned.*Stupid Scanner*. Well ENJOY anyways @_@
I've been holding out on the galleria members.. I've already shown this on the forum..It's a fanart of Dustin C's manga "Draw" that one can find in the membermanga section on this site^^
Def Character
another old one..bout 3 or 4 years old...
finally finished.  I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
now i know this one deserves the box lol.
The first page of my first published work. The writer was dropped, there was no story, nobody wanted to read it and it is business, if my art is being pushed with a story no one wants to read, then it's no good for me. I write myself, maybe I should just stick to that, like Rumiko Takahashi ya know? Yea, I like my stories and I'm the most critical of myself. Well, you guys can be my judge when I post some pages here of my own stuff, yes? Readers raise writers. That's a good quote because it's true, I'm not trying to sound braggy, but I'm an honest person. I like how the pages turned out for the manga though, I am still proud of them, well, certain pages. Ho ho ho!

Harmony is owned by Noobity Comiks.
Artwork by Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque.
This is the cover of my supposedly BST series -_-
lovely OC by an artist friend of mine names Suillian (he's so pretty!) Old work done 2 years ago? --- originally posted at --- thankyou for all the feedback everyone <3
evil lizard
this been a while people :) 

.... welll this is a part of what ive been doing for school ... i dont like it al ... well actaully not that mutch of it :P .. i do like the coloring of the 2 in the center .. but i think the best drawing would be the sketch of the younger girl in the right ^^ .. *sign* i really have to work on my facial expressions -_-
I like drawing faces. Especially ones with HUGE CHINS. <3