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Yep, that's a picture alright! I'ts a dark Knuckles! :{
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Evan Yep, that's a picture alright! I'ts a dark Knuckles! :{
Evan 2005-02-14 20:35:00 Yes!
Evan 2005-02-23 20:25:39 Well sometimes your pics suck just as bad!
Evan 2005-03-08 15:22:52 look I insult people because they have twisted minds or they have wierd idea's.
Evan 2005-03-17 20:23:56 The only art I insult is Kapakitty's but I can do that cuz he's my (Let's go play vidoe games or something) Friend.
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Random art

A doodle doodle I made at lunch time today ... I kinda like it (nooo don't faint !! O_O) anyhow I might re-draw it sometime without the mistakes of this one, LOLz XD
Another DBZ(Dragonball Z)Art 
I drew my own(DBZ)character in it her name is Yumaii
plus I drew Videl behind her

btw they´re flying xD
and another of dante...
the picture i drew on the back of a birthday for a close friend of mine. I liked the way it looked with alittle bit of abstract-coloring. Comments?
This is my new computer drawing, hope you like it! ^-^
ahhh it's being a while since i posted here :D well enjoy peeps!!
I think I did something wrong.
I made this in a Simposium from my school. I did this ona break defore the conference. I just added the shirt graphic and the tatoo with the pc
wow, this is probably one of the most time-consuming oekakis I've done yet.  Five hours @_@  probably because I was using a different board than normal and the controls were screwing me up >_>  anyway, random cat girl person...with a strange little puffball thingie @_@  just don't ask ._.
A demon girl with huge wings! ^^ it was my first time to make bat-like wings and fire!! xD yay! 
fire didnt rly became that pretty tough.. guess im bad with fire ^-^'
It has been a while since my last upload. But here's a practice piece. Not the most exciting pose, I know. But I had trouble drawing the side of the face. What do you think?
a small scene from my #1 ff, dream of destruction: satoshi has finaly excepted krad and that's a good reason for my fave angel to cry. I'm working hard on the chapter with this scene in it. for the rest of the story, go to: Satoshi and Krad are from DN Angel
^^; Getting tired of using too much photoshop and get back to just plain linearts. I started off wanting to make something for christmas, but now it has absolutely nothing to do with christmas ^^;; Uh... -- Inked by Pilot G-tech