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ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
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paper-samurai ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
Tom 2005-02-11 13:45:47 looks very nice :) but she ( I presume its a she ) has a bit tiny upperlegs and feet. And the perspective is a bit off, seeing those wooden walls and the altar thingy.
paper-samurai 2005-02-11 20:05:11 yeah i noticed the legs...and about the perspective...are you sure?Maybe its just a very wierd building?:)
Deetris 2005-02-14 20:26:19 I'm not shure what is ging on here, but it looks interesting ^^
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Random art
this is my home-made manga.. but  it is read the way the comics is... please comment on this...thatnx!
I made it scanned it and created it mwah hahahaha
First time with Photoshop. This was done like i dunno how long ago.

Time: 5 hours
and more colour practice
YAOI!!! For my best friend. The only one i will ever draw this for. Happy Birthday
really wasn't sure about the rating, so I just leaned on the safe side and went ahead and rated it.  Role-playing characters.  The one in jeans is Evan, which you guys might've caught me doodling before.  The other is a friend's character.  Not sure if you want to hear the details or not xD;  lol.
ehhh lol
It has been a while since I have uploaded something. This one I made for a contest. I know it has some mistakes >_<
Omg -___- dont ask me why i drew this x'D , the right is a kopie ok -__- but the left isn't...... hmm x'D omg i am so stupid to draw such childish things x'D
random side view... attempt at a more realistic approach
Done with old school fountain dip pens and black ink, scanned and edited with Manga Studio for the screentones.
I like her the most^^ next to Dizzy she kicks som mayor @$$!!

i hope you like it^^
sad -_-
Hey all, this isn't manga, I apologize. This is a current project of mine. I'm making a Star Wars mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is for all u star wars fans out there ; a Stormtrooper :)