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ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
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paper-samurai ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
Tom 2005-02-11 13:45:47 looks very nice :) but she ( I presume its a she ) has a bit tiny upperlegs and feet. And the perspective is a bit off, seeing those wooden walls and the altar thingy.
paper-samurai 2005-02-11 20:05:11 yeah i noticed the legs...and about the perspective...are you sure?Maybe its just a very wierd building?:)
Deetris 2005-02-14 20:26:19 I'm not shure what is ging on here, but it looks interesting ^^
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Happy Holidays ^_^
Def Character
Ehm.. what to tell you... She's sad and lonely, I added the moon for a little mystery. What could I improve on this drawing?
pretty cool eh?
damn proud of it, that I am.
I consider this peice moderate i can do better i think?
"She had a little too much and..."
Just a drawing based of the game system shock 2. I first wanted to put zombies in the hallway but I couldn't draw them so it's only a security camera. They are waiting for the glasses guy to shoot the camera so they can move on.

I really meassed up the anatomy and the characters self, and I don't really like the clothes either, ah well if I will line it, I can always fix it in photoshop :D
Also I couldn't find me a ruler so the lines are quite sloppy
ms. Willow, the newly designed character for my little project "The fallen angel of Crow's Cross". I'm planning on making a short manga with her, if I can find the time that is. For the time being, her is her charecter design for you to enjoy!
Trees have dropped their leaves...
This is just something i drew on corel. Tell me what I can do better if you want, i know it isn't fantastic ^^ thx
just a page frome my sketchbook saske and some chicks whatever
A hip hop fashion girl
Who ever said that Death is male? 
(psst...sorry for the black stripe at the left >_<)

sorry pikachu...
Long time that i've been here