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ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
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paper-samurai ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
Tom 2005-02-11 13:45:47 looks very nice :) but she ( I presume its a she ) has a bit tiny upperlegs and feet. And the perspective is a bit off, seeing those wooden walls and the altar thingy.
paper-samurai 2005-02-11 20:05:11 yeah i noticed the legs...and about the perspective...are you sure?Maybe its just a very wierd building?:)
Deetris 2005-02-14 20:26:19 I'm not shure what is ging on here, but it looks interesting ^^
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Random art
This time I uploaded just the sketch of the new page, this way any change will be easy to do, I'll do the inking on Saturday, I use to correct some pencil errors when I do the inking, like the sword in panel 4 (I forgot it was covered) and the ropes of panel 5, I forgot them 2.

This is just the sketch so speed lines in 1 and 4 are missing, but I would like to hear your opinion, is there any other change necesary.

Oh about panel 5, I used that expresion mostly because I want to show that they are wordless because the weapons actually did what Kernel ask for, and they don't really know what fear is.(trying to think as a kid)

All your comments will help me  a lot. thx
Parody on the B.I.G. campain held in The Netherlands. As if they will come and get you with a SWAT team if you download illegal software or music ^_^.
I mistakingly deleted it, lol
Happy Halloween
A pretty nice sketch if i may say so:)
I dont come here often anymore..dotn got the time to draw accept for school..But i finaly did some work of my own again,turnd out pretty okay..
My 1st oekaki on the MWN test oekaki-board. Nice, keep the board!
this is one of my first dragons please give me some hints on drawing them (o^.^o);
bad shading is bad, but it will do for now. hope you guys dig! Redrawn version of what I posted...2 years ago, lol. It must still be somewhere in my gallery here.
thought I'd colour one of the characters I drew ^^
A random teddy girl XD
yo...thiz oNe iz takEN out frOm My latest comiC, "Sober"..chEck it ouT..
Kisara of yugioh ^^ soft coloring
"Growing over my head", I feel really bad at this moment. Things grow over my head and I'm just done with it, I don't want to think about it anymore, but on the same time I can't do anything else. I'm starting to get angry with myself and with others. I just... feel sad.