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WOLF behhh
Deetris 2005-02-10 14:40:57 Yah do that. ^^ Hmm I never saw a toungh peersd like that. Isnt that a place where a lot of nerves are going through? :P
Marius 2005-02-11 00:23:24 Besides Deetris being right (lot of tastebuds there) ^^ the lineart itself is nice and clean! Though, I would've given the belt a bit more depth. Compare the top of the belt on the left (where it curves round) and where the beltbuckle is. See the difference? Anyways, I think it's one of your better linearts, compared to the rest in yur gallery and I'm looking forward to the colored verion ^^
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Germaine again
now...would you trust that guy?
Just painting, the text was done in photoshop though. The rest was my watercolrs. Enjoy, i guess...
Some guys, as you see im not very good in drawing hair, and the 2 guys arent standin with eachother. Just some other practising sketch.
It is an alien. I hope you like it.
Sorry people i had remove the other pic.... but aniway....

I made my self in anime^^ i hope its not Bad...
Not finished yet ^-^
Xik is feeling very orange~
This took me forever and I am NOT happy with it. It does look much better offline, but eh. :( I suppose it's alright. It's better than the last time I tried to draw a sunset. xD

my grandma turned 81 today..
This is Diana. Hopefully you'll see it colored soon!
Well, Zelah, my little merman in the middle of the change between a merfolk and you can see his lower part transforming into a pair of legs. (Didn't put mature labbel 'cause I think is not ;D )

For better quality and bigger size, visit my DA page n_n
Did this one on Wednessday, took me a couple hours in Photoshop. I think it looks pretty realistic as far as the shading goes, but tell me what you think i could do better. b^^d