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Naruto fanart. Im happy wth this pic, because i made this with only the mouse. I made it without sketch or somthing, i made the it all
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Kheine Naruto fanart. Im happy wth this pic, because i made this with only the mouse. I made it without sketch or somthing, i made the it all "step by step"... ^^
Def Character 2005-02-03 11:13:29 That's the way to go? Keep it up! -_^
Kheine 2005-02-03 11:51:23 Def char! How do you shade ur pics?... with polygonal lasso u too?
Def Character 2005-02-03 12:51:58 Dark C In photoshop I shade it after selecting the "to shade area" in another layer with the magic wand and then by hand and wacomtableau and if it becomes to complexe I use paths (beziercurves) In Illustrator I do the same. Oh and my outlines are always in a different layer^_^;;
Kheine 2005-02-03 17:45:28 thats advanced! O.O
Ayla 2005-02-03 18:07:57 new coloring style.. very nice dc. maybe work on the bg a little more. =) keep it up.
AIKUZA 2005-02-03 20:54:25 Hey, without outlines your art has a cooler effect. You should do this more often, or choose a softer outline or something in the future. It's a real cool Sasuke, but his hair could've been cooler I think. BG needs more work too, but it's about that dude, so that's ok
Deetris 2005-02-07 12:35:26 cooly! looks like some pro stuff whitout the outlines :) You gave me an Idea ;)
Tarechan 2005-06-05 07:00:18 looks awesome! ^^
Tarechan 2005-06-05 07:03:00 looks awesome! ^^
Tarechan 2005-06-05 07:03:01 looks awesome! ^^
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Hopefully you can recognize her

Hi! Happy holidays people! Here's another B&W Jobby from me ^^ It's some fanart for Avatar: The last Airbender. Close-ups can be found here:
unfinished pic of the vampire lady...BLOODLUST!! lol
Just dreaming of making my own manga someday...;)
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meh, it's been a while, hasn't it? I need to post art up more often ._.;

In any case, this would actually be me, with my two best friends Sarah (left) and Katrina (right). hehe, diversity is great. Sarah's the band groupie (she seriously stalks Terminal xD) and Katrina's the fantacy-obsessed punk. and I'm...the dorky eccentric? lol in any case, that's out little circle of friends. I <3 them muchly. ^.^

Anyhoo, I may or may not color this some time, I'm not sure. I was planning on coloring it to begin with, and had it all inked and ready to scan in, but then one day at school I got immensely bored and shaded it, and this popped out, and I loved it! xD so for now, you just get to bask in the glory of the b&w version until someone bugs me to color it xD;
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me and my classmates desided to do a weekly art jam to up out tablet skills. well first week topic was "Outer Space". made in photoshop 7 in 2-2.5 hours time ^^
how are you guys? it's been so long* I hope all of you are well* this is a piece i made for my beau...who i can't see until June~~’´Žâ‚µ‚¢‚¾EEE–l‚Ì‹ó‚Í‚¢‚‚à‰J‚ª`ì‚Ý‚½‚¢‚ñ‚¾EEEso I write this...though grey sky smears the upward canvas~~i still have sunlight* and I wish all of you have sunlight as well...not just tomorrow, but every moment you can* one day is so insignificant~ let him or her know what they mean to you everyday.  You don't need a liberal media faceted gimmick to tell someone you love them* take care everyone* and sorry for the crappy picture*
A simple sketch of a dragon. (HB pencil)
waiting for the last train home XD

haha ^^''
okay, lets see, i did this as the cover for next month's (online videogame mag) cover, its also one of my favorite games so it was a pleasure doing it AND its the first picture ive inked since...hell, august, so the inkings kinda iffy..., oh, and the shadows are kinda messed up too, but i prefered not going with realistic shadows in this one for the sake of layout..oh well, hope you like it!
The Raging Spaniard