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Cammy's new outfit.
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lonewolf Cammy's new outfit.
Def Character 2005-01-25 13:31:44 Carumba?
gothqueen 2005-01-25 19:35:35 her upper legs and hips are a bit off, but the overall picture is good
Mactire 2005-01-25 23:09:48 NIce, to bad Capcom didn't use this outfit^_^
AIKUZA 2005-01-25 23:32:42 Nice sketch, not much difference in the original version, just more skin. (typical capcom lazyness :P). What's that thing in her crotch area? Only crit ould be, is that she need more muscle, like her calfs. The rest aint got none. Anyway, I always dig Streetfighter art! :)
Deetris 2005-01-26 08:08:33 looks unconvertable to me what's shes wearing ^^. No further critics, just that one arm is longer than the other. You just keep on drawing :)
Shinfate 2005-01-27 10:51:23 sugoi ^^ this is a very cool drawing. I like the style. ( psst psst, I hope that's not what I think it is between her legs)
lonewolf 2005-01-27 12:53:43 To Hayate. I know what you're talking about :D Of course it's not what you think... The picture is not clear enough and I think thats why you're worried about that~ I used a digital camera to capture this drawing because I dun have a scanner! :*( (plz give me one :) Well, I can make some changes to it so that'd look better. lastly, to all, thx for your comments. :)
Merink 2005-01-31 23:34:00 cammy's new out fit.......... she's wearing a bra shirt and a string lol. Any ways the art is nice
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hi im new here this is my first picture ever, colored in photoshop
sketch : a quick one nothing special :P
color : This is my first time using photoshop to color a sketch, I know it sucks T_T 
anyway it is all about a conspiracy (yea i ve watched NHK ) of vampires taking advantage of otakus (no i am not drunk again hik .. not totally hik  )...the sketch above shows how it works !!

case still someone doesn't get it : 
on the left otaku watching anime with lots of fanservice kawaii things etc ...
on the right vampire taking advantage of the situation 

I haven't write such a long description for some time now :P

thelw na dw poso krataei to pisma sou !!!! -___-
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It's a concept for a Star Wars game project of mine. It's a star port.. I might draw a millenium falcon taking off and add the rest of the city Mos Eisley in.. after I've moddeled it ofcourse. The player will need to visit the 3 'spheres' and finally the top control tower on the left to be able to get off the station. Maybe an update in a month orso :P cya!
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