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Misato "Satyr & Nymph" Inspired by greek mythology. Satyrs most of the time are aggresive and rude to women, called Nymphs. But this one is more friendly than the others and I have to say that he may be in love with this nymph!
ukkie 2005-01-20 15:16:44 indeed a very nice concept and good atmosphere ^_^ the satyr's right leg seems a bit too small though ^_^
gothqueen 2005-01-20 19:44:21 Looks good. The color and texture of the paper and coloring fits the pic very nice
Misato 2005-01-22 11:45:50 thanx for the comments!!!^_^ keep on!
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Random art
This is an animation that actually burnt into my retna one day. A flying fiery bird.
Critiquing welcome
i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking  of also making a colored version.
Called "Hair" cause while drawing it, I just wanted her hair to get messier and messier. I liked it ^_^
I've been holding out on the galleria members.. I've already shown this on the forum..It's a fanart of Dustin C's manga "Draw" that one can find in the membermanga section on this site^^
Def Character
Hmm.. this is a difficult pic to explain... In a way, this nameless dbz character looks like me, although I didn't intend it to do so. Anyways, this is my first dbz-like character in color ^_^
SHAZAMMM!The Fire Goddes emerges. well this was rather difficult for me but i did it... i still think more detal should be added... but i dont know where, sadly.
Any help??
i'm sure we all recognise this manga expression very well
this is the second pic i uploaded......(i couldnt think of anygood poses or clothes BTW).....if u have any suggestions or anything please leave a comment!
Baby phat Model. I had to design a logo and new out fit for class, so here it is, took my all day.
Emily lands in strange scenery..
A zombie, I had to draw something I thought was scary from a picture. I dunoo why but I really love thic pic, lol, any comments?
this is my first drawing of a cello
This one is a WIP...
yeaah, its bin a while,but here's a new sketch..
Nothing in particulair,wanted to draw something with smoke.