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Fushicho* - One of the main characters from the saga 'Soul Force'. From some of the original artwork back in 2002 when I first created the Xarret Universe.
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cK Fushicho* - One of the main characters from the saga 'Soul Force'. From some of the original artwork back in 2002 when I first created the Xarret Universe.
chibi_emily 2005-01-14 00:51:24 cool, cool, cool. The chin is too big, though (or the mouths is placed too hight up, I can't really tell, but I think it's the chin) but other than that's it's a very clean and spiffily done profile ^^ you did a great job with his expression, too =^_^=
Def Character 2005-01-14 11:55:55 The guy on the pic has an odd skull maybe a bit to small?
ukkie 2005-01-14 15:55:23 Nice ^^ I agree with Def about the skull, if you'd draw the forehead, and then the rest of the head, it would be bigger than you drew it now. (hope that makes sense ^_^') but overall a very cool pic, I like the hair, it gives a dynamic vibe to the pic! ^_^
cK 2005-01-15 04:34:32 >response to the chin and skull: There could be many things wrong with this picture if your staple is your "typical" Manga character. I use the lines and style ... and try and stay away from the bubble-headed, gem eyed, mainstream stuff. thanks for the feedback though. I'll stop defending my art now, hehe - cK
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Tokyo Babylon - Hokuto Sumeragi (2000) ///// 
Outlines: black Indian ink & stenography pen tip / 
Medium: marker (Letraset Tria Marker) / 
Background: computer effect /
Paper type: laserprint; 80g/m² / 
Size: DIN A3 
 I haven't posted in so long before I forgot my Login to manga Work shop. How Stupid of me x-x;
I had fun with this one, yesterday i found some old pictures and i tried to make this one look like i found it in the garbage :3 tell me what you think
Quick question here!!! what color should the kimono BE!? Share what ya think!!!Supposed to be the in-your-face type o- character..
Personification of computer. Basic stuff. ;P
this is one of my first dragons please give me some hints on drawing them (o^.^o);
Ken Nakai... one of the charas from Limit Control, my very first manga, I ever draw. This one is the estpic, I ever made of him, and even if it's 2 years old... I love it! Of course it's a Shonen-Ai Manga and at the moment, I'm thinking about redo the doujinshi... ut haven't decided yet -_-;
I draw this after a photo from a man and a dog, I found in a magazine, and I loved it so much, I had to draw it. Hope ya like it!
Just a quick desingn for a character in my manga :)
I was talking with someone about how cute cats are, and that inspired me to make this ^_^ It's just a quick sketch though. The cat on the right is supposed to have big teary eyes but it didn't really work out XD
Had fun with the colors
The Kaiba brothers again, this time without looking at an example. I'mm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, only the proportions aren't good, or Seto is too small or Mokuba is too big. Hey I'll just pretend the kid has grown ^_^
some angel or something...3 or 4 years old
My character Aurora. :D Done with sharpies and colored pencils.
this is my first time drawing in pen hope you like it.