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Not really manga, just experimenting a little. This pic is supposed to express sexual heat. ^_~ Her hand is a little weird though, sorry 'bout that ^_^' Anyway, I kind of liked how this turned out, hope you all like it too ^_^
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ukkie Not really manga, just experimenting a little. This pic is supposed to express sexual heat. ^_~ Her hand is a little weird though, sorry 'bout that ^_^' Anyway, I kind of liked how this turned out, hope you all like it too ^_^
gothqueen 2004-12-30 21:31:48 Original. At first I was like: WTF? But after a closer look I think it's really cool. I like it. One thing though: The outlines could have been a bit smaller or not there at all. THey are distracting too 'grof' (dunno the word in English)
Marius 2004-12-31 01:50:35 Been meaning to comment on this so there I go. I really like the concept, the idea! I just think, you could've done better. Your anatomy is usually really good, though in this pic, it lacks a little. Her neck is too long and too wide, her right (left from our POV) thigh should be broader OR the red shading should've been different. The hand looks ok for this kind of drawing (experimental fast sketch) The outer line of her upperbody, just below the right (from our POV) breast, is too much askew, should be a bit more vertical like the left OR you should've positioned the breast a bit more to the left, making the upperbody slightly turned. But I keep forgetting it's experimental and thus it does not need to be perfect. I agree with gothqueen, the outlines are too distracting. (btw, gothqueen: I think the word you're looking for is "bold" or one could also say "blunt".) Ow Ukkie, is it okay if I draw something similar like that? The concept is still yours, if you're not okay with that I won't do it.
Marius 2004-12-31 01:52:26 I meant her left (right from our POV) thigh..
ukkie 2004-12-31 09:53:30 Thanks for your comments ^_^ Well I did the outline with pencil-lead (or whatever "stift" is called in English), that's why it's a little shaky at some points. I agree it's too thick, but I didn't want to leave the pencil-outline, and anyway I can't change it anymore, sorry ^_^ Oh and Marius, it's OK if you use the concept, I don't mind ^_^
Def Character 2007-04-29 06:38:35 Give it a litlle more work cause the concept is good ^^
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