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ehmm....drugs are bad?
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paper-samurai ehmm....drugs are bad?
paper-samurai 2004-12-07 22:05:33 by the way:to aikuza: I was at the grafisch lyceum but i quit,and about musashi,i heard a lot about them,but i indeed also heard theyre headmaster was kickt out by the kyokushin league,and his permant to teach was taken away..Hope to be at that tournament some time,but i dont think i'm good enough yet,i'm training at the moment to get in the heacyweight clas of taekwondo,stil got a long way to go..
Remi 2004-12-08 06:54:00 Looking at her right arm I'd say she's left-handed, apart from that it's disturbingly good.
Deetris 2004-12-08 09:06:42 uuh yeah it IS good ^^. I think she has a sour back all the time. Her boobs look heavy :P
paper-samurai 2004-12-08 11:17:03 yeah,in real life boobs like that would suck,but in comicbookland its never a problem:)
AIKUZA 2004-12-08 22:39:45 Nice sketch. Well I didn't know about the teacher being kicked out and shit. Tournament is in more than 4 months. So you'll be ready if you train hard :P. Why do you wanna be in a heavyweight teakwondo class? it only slows you down :P.
paper-samurai 2004-12-09 08:36:23 i wanna be big ands strong^_^hehe,wel the point is,that in itf taekwondo rules they look at length,and i always get sorted out with the really big guys,them being almost always bigger then me,i want to put some extra strength in.
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Omg -___- dont ask me why i drew this x'D , the right is a kopie ok -__- but the left isn't...... hmm x'D omg i am so stupid to draw such childish things x'D
Hmm a manga-comic-to-be ? I dunno .. I kinda 
lost interest lately in it ^_^ Still, maybe later ..
xD my tablet pen went missing so i tried my best coloring with the mouse. the lollipop looks weird O_o
konnichiwa minnasan, hisashiburi da ne ^^" ( for the ones who don't understand: hey guys, it's been a while huh) anyways, I was trying something new ( at least that's what I thought :3 it's a picture of a girl, kind of ecchie. I hope it looks good, cause I haven't done anything on the computer for a long time, so *hehe* crits and comments is always welcome
so I didn't get to exactly finish my last drawing, though its well on its way and about done... I just lost my graphic pen when my friend left for school, but I will have access to another one soon. in the meantime, heres a sketch of my friend on her request.
This was just practise. I know the arms aren't any good but I like the the pose.
So i desided to share this one with you. xp
Muru Kitty
i guess i was just sketching around in photoshop and this pooped out of my stylus :D
it was kind of experimenting with opacity and pen effects and stuff also :P
i dont usually draw on computers, this is my first attempt at drawing on ms paint... i did it real quickly so its kind of bad and i didnt do shading on face etc...but im gona try hard and do a proper nice picture on ms paint another time.if u have any tips much appreciated!X

...oh its gone really weird shaped aswell cos i tried resize it cos it was too big :S !
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Ever since the earliest of human civilization, a war has been waged. A war between Better and Not-so-good. A war to decide the fate of the world. Today, we gather together, to see the end of this war. Baby and Spam star in: 
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'A film of epic proportion!' -Newyork Times. In the end, only one will come off as victor and be known as 'The OTHER Other White Meat'*dun dun DUNNNN* *Update*(Thank you Dustin C)

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