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an angel of love
born in the World of Gaia
with a purpose to help people with a broken heart.
Artist Description
Shinfate an angel of love born in the World of Gaia with a purpose to help people with a broken heart.
Deetris 2004-12-06 13:17:10 wow nice bg and all! Just the nose needs some work ^^
AIKUZA 2004-12-06 17:31:30 looks really nice ;). The BG is well made up. The pillars on clouds reminds me of Mario Bros 2's last level. Just her thighs look a bit thin. I know that crossed legs are difficult :P. Also her shoulders sticking out too much. Well, that wouldn't be that of a problem when it's compremised with the rest of the broadness ( I hope this sentence made sense :P ). Ok, keep up ;)
Ayla 2004-12-06 18:51:32 i agree with deetris and aikuza. crossed legs are hard to do. but still. like the bg idea and all that. only maybe instead of having her sit on a cloud.. maybe make another pillar and she's sitting on the edge of it. i just think the cloud's a little too puffy. =P but other than that, its really nice. ^^
Ayla 2004-12-06 19:16:16 welcome to MWS by the way. ^^
Shinfate 2004-12-06 19:42:55 tx again guys ^^ I really do need alot of training. that Idea about sitting on a pillar is a great Idea btw. why haven't I thought of that? ^^"
Shinfate 2004-12-06 19:47:41 btw. ^^" thx for the warm welcome Ayla.
Ayla 2004-12-06 20:26:48 your welcome. ^.~
Deetris 2004-12-07 09:26:58 hmm sorry din't realized that you are new here ^^ Ofcourse welcome ^^
Hyuuga_Kyokate 2005-09-24 07:07:31 E waduup, that's a kool one. When you gonna teach me how 2 draw manga(A) See you monday(Wushu)
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