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zakuro an interpretation of "the wizard of oz" india ink, nib, and red pencil crayon ok, so everyone does alice in wonderland.... so i did wizard of oz! just to be diffrent:D
AIKUZA 2004-11-25 20:10:21 in first sight, the art looks weird. But when you mentioned Wizard of Oz, is becomes more clearer. I presonally think the bonedog should've been left out of the pic, cause he has a strange part in the pic :P. And the Lion is kinda small and looks weak, but's that's OK :D
zakuro 2004-11-26 04:26:42 yea, the dog was kinda last minute.. i had already inked the whole pic and the the dog was added... but he had to be in the pic, i mean its the dog! its how the whole story was started! but your right i probabaly should'a put him in a diffrent pose... oh well. i still like it! i originally had a pic with all the character in it.... but it got ripped... i may decide to do it again.
Deetris 2004-11-26 22:28:21 Dude this concept is great. Like a new version of this story keep makin em :P
zakuro 2005-02-13 11:50:04 haha, thanx for all the nice comments, i didnt think this would attract that much attention. anyway, the scarcrow didnt turnout nearly as awsome as the sketch was before the ink.... i was a little dissapointed, and as for origionality... i got the idea to do a demented wizard of oz pic becasue i really like the alice in wonderland pics that are so populair, and i wanted to do soemthing similar, so i did wizard of oz instead.
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