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It's a Dark Chao But it reminds me of an evil Telitubi or how ever you spell it. What do you think!
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Evan It's a Dark Chao But it reminds me of an evil Telitubi or how ever you spell it. What do you think!
Ayla 2004-11-23 02:03:06 heh. i think its cute. doesn't strike me as a tellitubi thou. his legs are crazy! lol. good work. =P
ukkie 2004-11-23 20:20:51 I know he's supposed to be evil but actually I find him quite adorable ^_^ Nice design, you should make a little, funny comic about him ^_^
Deetris 2004-11-24 08:09:53 Is that pink thing the sun -_-" ... Anyway cute ^^
AIKUZA 2004-11-24 13:24:50 You really should get some A4 paper. You can steal them at a copywritingmachine and shit. Or when no one is looking you should get them from school, make sure to make at least 44 rolls and 2 Bill Cosby imitations while doing that. And when no one looks again, you put them back
Evan 2004-11-25 18:03:36 The pink think is like some weird thing. somtimes it will have a question mark or an exlamation mark.
Evan 2005-03-08 15:18:02 Hey i was told that if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all. Then i met you and there wasn't anything good to say. i'm tired of all the crap your sending me.
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I just love playing UT2k4!!!The UT2k4 clown for the fans ;)
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Made this one for the boyfriend of my fiancee's sister (is that called brother-in-law as well?, i dunno..)

For free of course, except the fact he has to pay me the material cost back. I got to do whatever i wanted with this one, and seeing the fact that my Paintjob Gallery was a bit plain on the color side ...

It's Teddy Bear rampaging on other cute monsters! Instead of using a horse, he's captured a giant candy-cane squid monster to destroy them! That'll teach 'em.

Can you spot the blue monster that's about to get crushed? Ow, and the other monster is bitch slapping the other one, like; 'snap out of it!' ^-^

Colors used : Vanilla/Baby blue for the joysticks and Honey Orange/Baby Blue for the console.


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