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typical school manga dude! tihihihi ^^
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Kheine typical school manga dude! tihihihi ^^
ukkie 2004-11-09 10:54:11 Cool! I like the highlighting ^_^ His fingers are a little short though.
Ayla 2004-11-09 11:36:12 wow thats very nice. ^^ the only problem is that the fingers are a little too short like ukkie said. everything else is great. good job!! ^-^
Def Character 2004-11-09 11:42:55 Nice shading/highlights?
Deetris 2004-11-09 13:05:36 Love the black shading That is exactly how i like it :P
Nightwind 2004-11-09 13:10:50 Cool pic!!! love the sparks in his clothes
AIKUZA 2004-11-09 18:50:19 dude, you really getting better! good job ;). just keep in mind that the fingers need a more thicker and a bit rounder shape ;).
Kheine 2004-11-10 08:23:04 thx all! i know i need more hand practice ^^
ricepuppet 2004-11-15 06:04:43 He'd be saying; Yoosssh!! Nanda Sure Ka Se! and shit like that.
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Damn!! that bastard looks cool … cooler than me … his career as a manga character ends here !!!!
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Dustin C.

This "Akuma" is not as dark as the character is supposed to be but I decided to do it my way and one that is liked by everyone.. I hope you like it
Last picture before my trip to US, tomorrow I have to say good bye to my family for at least another year -_-; Btw, the lame chinese words that I wrote means: "Let your feeling calm down just like this" <--- Uh... nah, my translation is real bad ^^; -- Inked by Pilot G-tech
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