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Last upload for a while now :P Made a paint drawing, in paint ofcourse. Personally i like my last one better then this one, but tell me what you think.
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Roweena Last upload for a while now :P Made a paint drawing, in paint ofcourse. Personally i like my last one better then this one, but tell me what you think.
Roweena 2004-11-08 18:32:45 Yes MsPaint, and no i don't use or have a tablet, wish i had ^^;;
AIKUZA 2004-11-08 19:36:00 Paint? havent touched that in a while. It looks good for mouse art. Altough the pic looks kinda skewed. And the hair looks like it's gonna about to warp to another world (mario bros 2). And I believe the yellow thing on top of her head is her hat, right? You should try drawing in PhotoShop with the brushtools, you'll do fine ;).
Roweena 2004-11-08 20:49:53 The yellow thing on top of her head is a feather. I have Open Canvas and use that for coloring my pictures. And i'm a big Nintendo fan, so i know what you mean with the warping, maybe i was thinking about it when i made it ;)
ricepuppet 2004-11-09 02:59:30 This is the kinda pic you would find in a DOS Hentai Game, with the GIF pictures.
Deetris 2004-11-09 08:13:03 Paint... Dous that program still exist :P LOL This is great for paint! :P
ukkie 2004-11-09 10:59:50 I agree with Deetris, it's great for paint! The shape of her head is a bit weird though ^_^ the rest looks good ^_^
Nightwind 2004-11-09 13:12:37 looks nice especially for a paint art your hand must have been hurting!
AIKUZA 2004-11-09 18:52:05 Ey, so you're a Big N-Fan too? nice... ok, so where is the very first warpzone in supermario bros 2 takes you too? What world? :P
Roweena 2004-11-10 11:34:15 Hm.. in a warp-vase or something and you go to world 4, i think that that one is the first one, it was something with a vase ;)
Kheine 2004-11-10 12:08:58 you are very good paint colorer! ^^
AIKUZA 2004-11-11 21:35:18 yeah you're right. And I could be wrong if it was world 4-2. But it's definitely the snow world with the sliding snow blobbies trough the field ( I could dodge them with my eyes closed :P).
chibi_emily 2004-11-19 21:52:04 wow, awesome for paint. The hair and the eyes look gorgeous, I think ;D The onyl thing that really bugs me is that her torso gets thin way too fast. But quite honestly this is very impressive xD
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A 8th grader.
Anenergetic and fun human.
I was bored and dind know what to draw,so some random drawing became this litlle artistic piece,nice and colourfull.
Hi *waves* kyuu, it's so late (3:00am) and I can't get to sleep, actually I was watching a scary movie so now I've scared myself enough that I can't sleep (TT_TT) I'm such a nerd. Heh, so in order to try and distract my mind I did this doodle, LOLz it has so many things wrong with it though .... oh well better luck next time eh ?
Here is one of my character that I drew. I hope you all like it. And plz leave me some comment about my problem with my art
Hey guys. I just finished this piece, which was commissioned by Amarillo Design Bureau to be the cover of one of their RPG books. (It's a Star Trek RPG, in case you couldn't tell.) What do you guys think?
I was turned dollfie by a creepy witch who lives under my floorboards. D:
build your muscle...
I collored a lineart I posted a while back to vent the frustration from the failed drawing I made today.
3rd time im trying to upload this D=
last try now cuz it doesnt seem to work :/ yes yes.. size is smallen then 400kb
Sephiroth fanart. When I'm angry, depressed, sad or not in a happy mood, I always fight Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. For some reason, it makes me very happy. I guess it's the challenge, the music and Sephiroth himself. Me like Sephiroth ^_^ Anyways, that's why the feather is there. I wanted to draw the wing as well, but I suck at drawing wings, so I decided to leave the wing out.
Parody on the B.I.G. campain held in The Netherlands. As if they will come and get you with a SWAT team if you download illegal software or music ^_^.
new sketch, i changed the arm cuz i was too long (ty matt) anymore crit to help me immprove? please tell me. i will colour this soon
cheating???naaah, i deleted this image, reuploaded it and kept the original linework color for better storytelling, this is the second and final page of this small soccer story, lots of time spent on that damn crowd...chewbacca included :D
The Raging Spaniard
Colored version of a previous sketch. This is Nightfall from ElfQuest, made a while ago. Im pretty happy how it turned out. (yeah i know about the torso and her right hand ^^;;.. )