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Last upload for a while now :P Made a paint drawing, in paint ofcourse. Personally i like my last one better then this one, but tell me what you think.
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Roweena Last upload for a while now :P Made a paint drawing, in paint ofcourse. Personally i like my last one better then this one, but tell me what you think.
Roweena 2004-11-08 18:32:45 Yes MsPaint, and no i don't use or have a tablet, wish i had ^^;;
AIKUZA 2004-11-08 19:36:00 Paint? havent touched that in a while. It looks good for mouse art. Altough the pic looks kinda skewed. And the hair looks like it's gonna about to warp to another world (mario bros 2). And I believe the yellow thing on top of her head is her hat, right? You should try drawing in PhotoShop with the brushtools, you'll do fine ;).
Roweena 2004-11-08 20:49:53 The yellow thing on top of her head is a feather. I have Open Canvas and use that for coloring my pictures. And i'm a big Nintendo fan, so i know what you mean with the warping, maybe i was thinking about it when i made it ;)
ricepuppet 2004-11-09 02:59:30 This is the kinda pic you would find in a DOS Hentai Game, with the GIF pictures.
Deetris 2004-11-09 08:13:03 Paint... Dous that program still exist :P LOL This is great for paint! :P
ukkie 2004-11-09 10:59:50 I agree with Deetris, it's great for paint! The shape of her head is a bit weird though ^_^ the rest looks good ^_^
Nightwind 2004-11-09 13:12:37 looks nice especially for a paint art your hand must have been hurting!
AIKUZA 2004-11-09 18:52:05 Ey, so you're a Big N-Fan too? nice... ok, so where is the very first warpzone in supermario bros 2 takes you too? What world? :P
Roweena 2004-11-10 11:34:15 Hm.. in a warp-vase or something and you go to world 4, i think that that one is the first one, it was something with a vase ;)
Kheine 2004-11-10 12:08:58 you are very good paint colorer! ^^
AIKUZA 2004-11-11 21:35:18 yeah you're right. And I could be wrong if it was world 4-2. But it's definitely the snow world with the sliding snow blobbies trough the field ( I could dodge them with my eyes closed :P).
chibi_emily 2004-11-19 21:52:04 wow, awesome for paint. The hair and the eyes look gorgeous, I think ;D The onyl thing that really bugs me is that her torso gets thin way too fast. But quite honestly this is very impressive xD
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