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AAA-LAZEX-disign lady
Def Character 2004-11-08 07:26:24 Great colouring? really? sorry to say that there's something odd with here face ? you can do better than that?
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2004-11-08 14:46:26 thanks henkie
AIKUZA 2004-11-08 19:32:44 It's got a cool touch, which I like. Her clothing looks nice, also the highlights on it. BG is nice, but the grey coloring of it could've been better like the lady herself. The green lightballs touch up the BG. O, I do find her nose a bit much to the right. Maybe if it was centered in the face, it looked better I think. Also mouth could be lower, now her chin looks a bit big. But when you do that, try to keep the distance between the nose and mouth the same. Try it ;). But the rest looks good my man.
ricepuppet 2004-11-09 02:58:33 Yea, try to color the background in one direction, and give it more attention. Now it looks like you we're rushing shit because you we're being threatened.
ukkie 2004-11-09 11:02:19 I agree with the others, the outfit and the coloring of it looks very good, but her face is a little odd, maybe the eyes are a bit too close to each other and her nose isn't entirely correct too, like AIKUZA said. Keep it up! ^_^
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Random art

hello guys. :3 this is my third time trying this place out (i'm a very off and on kinda person ^^; )

This is just a drawing that I jazzed up a bit... *shrugs* I kinda like how it looks though. :3 Not completely satisfied of course, but I still think it looks good. =^__^=

Tell me what you think!!
Weird cat guy I made in Open Canvas.
Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Painted with really watered done acrylic
Getting back to my traditional art, I decided to do an angel sketch from life. I like it, except for the face that is a little unproportionate and too young...
Just another unfinished lineart piccie .. I actually wanted to make a kinda erotic drawing but it ended up like this @_@ .. It's a shame that it doesn't look like I'm making any progress if I compare this to the my other pics in this section .. And the amount of splendid artists in MWN are growing rapidly ^_^ Oh man I'm feeling depressed again ..
this shows the more darker side to the emo maid i drew earlyer i disided to change the shape of her eyes and make her look more inocent. im realy happy with his character i must think of a name sugestions will be much appreiciated. thank u
***ok... here is the deal...  Saki doesn't have a scanner at her house, so all her images are on my computer (I'm Sydney... you might know me as lady_yuna...) so I'm gonna upload some- times....***  This is just a few chibi's, mostly of Shiro. Enjoy, AND COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! ^^
Sketch of my cyber-babe sherrif. Is it big enough?
I'm aware of the fact that I already uploaded this once, but since it has to be read
with the next gag (This one is really only the title) I just took the liberty in doing so.
A mage casting a spell wit hthe 'King of Serpents' card. The line art is pretty rough on this one because I rushed it >.>; I really like how the magic effects came out though.
Been a GITS fan since 1998, owning all kinda shit from GITS (manga, movies) and Batou is my favorite character (Pazu & Ishikawa too) The coloring is done by Aikuza, the art itself by me. The reason the 3 Tachikoma's are smaller, is because there in 'agent mode' - so no complaining about that - and furthermore, Fuchikoma's suck balls, i like Tachikoma's a lot more, so that's why there are Tachi's instead of Fuchi's (so also no complaining about time difference)
Just an oekaki
Analin no Denkou - CG: Paint Shop Pro - I changed her overall 'width' in this final, so she's less 'wide' than the lineart version. I thought it looked a bit better - dec 2001