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Work in progress. ? have got no idea as what kind of background I can put behind him
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phant00m Work in progress. ? have got no idea as what kind of background I can put behind him
phant00m 2004-11-02 19:34:20 That would be a nice idea :)
gothqueen 2004-11-02 20:14:16 Looks cool, but I think his nose should be a bit lower and a forest for a bg would be neat
Ayla 2004-11-02 22:08:24 i agree with what the others said, but what would help with your picture is if you color the inside of his eye white. ^-^; as for background... i have no idea. sorry. keep up the nice work thou.
AIKUZA 2004-11-03 12:35:11 The way he poses, and the way he's centered in the image, leaves a open spot which gives much attention... hmmm what could be so important to see behind him? I find a forest not that important :P (srry SSS ^^;;). MAybe another character(s) from the series in the BG. That would look cooler, like a collage for a cover or what so ever. btw, the art looks nice, but he still looks a little bit fatty :P
phant00m 2004-11-04 06:18:53 Thanks for the comments :) I think i'll be using one of the other chars from naruto for the background. Thanky :P
ricepuppet 2004-11-06 08:56:40 He does look like a fat bastard, and his skin is in his eyes.
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Random art
Photoshop playtime again .. I tried experimenting with lighting but it ended up quite cheesy .. I messed up the hair .. Colouring stuff just wasnt't meant for me .. Oh well, at least I uploaded something here at MWN again .. Just don't ask me what ..
heya people. i drew this the other day in class and thought it would be fun sharing it :) critisism is always welcome so check it out and bash it as hard as you can ^^
20 min xmas sketch. i freehanded it so if it has bad anatomy, then thats what i get. enjoy the fuzzy-warmth of it!
Dustin C.
well people long inuf on this site know where this is about .. but for the ones that are not that long here, let me explain ... there is a irl friend here on this site .. and he always draws these bio dwarf thingys .. and well everytime wen its his birthday i make a fan-art like thingy of his creations .. last year i made a 3d army of the little buggers .. but this time i made "how would a bio dwarf look like in a manga style" .. and well here it is XD .. injoy :D
This was a Meme on DA that I took part in.
I believe the rules were to draw a lil something to represent you while filling up the background with shouts and blurbs about you; the good, the bad, the ugly, the secret, etc.
a character based on one idea about some famous ballet from Tchaikovsky...
L with lolliepops in color ^^ colored it with photoshop. Pffff, lots of work, first time with my tablet so... You like it?
fu form champloo
i drew it, my brother colored it. It's a render so there's no background. =]
After going through two whole weeks of drama Drake finally gets to dance with the girl he loves at the senior high school prom.
Anime Chick
There was cold last saturday. I was in a cafe, with my friends so I started to draw directly on paper with a standard pen, without a previous sketch and I liked the results
yeap, im still learning to use open canvas .... look how cute this one looks!!! im happy about the colorwork but a few things are wrong: im not use to do boys so i dont like his mouth and nose but i like his hair =D ... and the "handcuff" (some sort of handcuff) they are suppous to be one piece of some material without chain in the middle .... it didnt turn out well ... oh yes, i dont like HIS left hand, the wrist is too big!!! arggg .. anyway comments are welcome ^^ .... note: i reuploaded the pic after fixing his face .... now its more simetric :D, almost fix his hands and added some shadows to the girls hand ... note2: rereuploaded now he has an angry expression on his face ..... oh yes, added some pattern onto the bed sheet
I currently have eight crested geckos and decided to draw a dragon based on the species.  Ink, prismacolor marker, white ink.
Fanart of Ponyo from Hayao Miyazaki's newest movie named Gake no ue no ponyo (ponyo on a cliff by the sea) here's a link to where you can get wallpaper format: