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Here is the second version.. hope u ppl like it better than the last 1. Although there are not many adjustments..
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phant00m Here is the second version.. hope u ppl like it better than the last 1. Although there are not many adjustments..
phant00m 2004-10-19 16:17:19 I don't really know how can I "shadow" (Hoe zeg je dat :| )the arms, so they'll look more muscled instead of chop sticks :P
AIKUZA 2004-10-19 19:21:14 looks much better. Do you mean 'shade'? You forgot the sideboards (bakkebaarden). And the distance from the backpackholder one the left looks shorter than the right. It should be closer to his neck. His shoe shape looks like Dutch wooden shoes (klompen). Maybe use a more sportshoe shape, or bootsshape. You can use a shoesample in your daily newspaper advertisments> (bristol, hans textiel, zeeman en shit :D)
ukkie 2004-10-19 19:24:38 It looks better now! The arms look good and the size of the feet is better. Keep it up! ^_^
phant00m 2004-10-19 20:28:22 Thanks for all the advice ppl! It looks much better now :) I got a thirth version now, but I think it's crazy to upload 3 times for 1 pic. So thanks u two ;)
Evan 2004-10-22 17:51:09 dude why is his hair sticking out of his headband!
phant00m 2004-11-04 10:23:45 That's a little peace taken out of the bandage on his head. The hair is pointing out of it
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