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goku sjj 4
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AAA-LAZEX-disign goku sjj 4
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2004-10-19 10:33:22 thanks this one is very litle so i painted him litle to with a not so litle brush
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2004-10-19 10:37:07 (little) sorry for my bad english
Dustin C. 2004-10-19 11:31:54 wow, thats pretty sweet.
gothqueen 2004-10-19 11:43:26 Nah, your english is ok, it's not your native language, so it's understandable that you can't make it grammermistakesproof ^_^ I like the background very much, but like already had been said by Angelman you have made Goku better in other pics
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2004-10-19 12:22:14 yes jour right
AIKUZA 2004-10-19 19:03:50 Background looks really good :). Goku is not as good.... Like he's standing in front of a blue screen :D
ukkie 2004-10-19 19:49:54 Well like the others already said, Goku looks better in your other pics, but I guess it's difficult to draw/paint him that small ^_^ The background is awesome!
Solin 2004-10-20 18:15:01 WOOOOOOOOOOW AWEsome! The background is So GOOD! realy GREAT! keep it up!
Ayla 2004-10-26 17:54:24 thats really good. like everyone else said, the background is amazing. great coloring job.
FH 2008-08-21 11:07:36 Oooo... this is really neat. XD
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a sketch of a new style I'm trying out ^^
Watercolor on paper, the pose from one of my favorite artist, Tsukumo Gou.

hi everyone, been gone for a while (school, work, play?)I didnt really get to draw much lately, ive looked at the artwork of a few friends and seen during that time they have gotten better...(you know who you are)keep up the good work! as for me... i havent had time so i figured i just post some more old art from the manga thats taking me forever to finish
This took me forever and I am NOT happy with it. It does look much better offline, but eh. :( I suppose it's alright. It's better than the last time I tried to draw a sunset. xD
pls comment my work..
had the misfortune of drawing this at the backside of a scratch paper... scanner scanned right through ^^
I found out that drawing dirctly to the pc is faster (And in my case harder, my mouse is a ***** ****...!!).
lol my first oekaki
btw just started of with photoshop instead of paintshop much better^_^
I started but I became a little lazy, so I decide to  finish it later ;p

This was just a doodle but i like him i dont normaly draw ppl with short hair but meh i like this so i colord it ^^