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Some time ago i was drawing something and this came up finaly, it became an elf that is holding a samoeraisword
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AAA-LAZEX-disign Some time ago i was drawing something and this came up finaly, it became an elf that is holding a samoeraisword
phant00m 2004-10-18 15:58:14 Looks good, like the pose!
Marius 2004-10-18 18:31:03 Nice coloring! though the head might be a little to big if you look at it proportional.
AIKUZA 2004-10-18 18:58:53 And yes you can :). Nice work. I do have some crits, but too lazy too explain right now. Just the way her back is bend, towards her neck is wrong.
ukkie 2004-10-18 19:30:52 Looks very good! ^_^ The coloring is good and the background too, I like the details on the sword! ^_^ The folds on the front of his/her shirt could use some work though.
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2004-10-18 19:41:11 this is one of my free (a bit old) expressions. thanks again for the tips.
gothqueen 2004-10-19 11:35:15 The torso seems a bit off, maybe because of the middle fold and the feet are a bit too small, but overall it's a good drawing
uzutaki 2006-01-07 21:55:50 coool
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*trying to fix this again.. cross your fingers*<br>

I am baaaaaaack! X3 <br>
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Okay, something about the pic here... this was for a poster project we did in Sakuranbo Studios *a budding yaoi art group*. It's Simon and Ellis, all snuggly, yes there are some posters left over from Yaoi-con of this and my other one. Red pen sketch in sketchbook, lightboxed pencils and india ink and brush on card stock, scanned into Adobe Photoshop 6 and colored. <br><i>~~Bee, Jan. 2005</i>
I think this one turned out kinda cute, although i had some problems with her hair and her feet i think this one turned out good, hope you like it. and by the way, sorry for the bigger pictures first, i think i'm getting the hang of it
well this i made for our employ magazine at work just for fun :)... it sepossed to be like a queen elf that gives birth to a new child of hers. ^^
Pokemon art for the Homage thread. You can view the topic here:

Though I'm not thoroughly satisfied with how it turned out, it's good enough. 

About 30 minutes for the pencil work, then 4 to 5 hours in Photoshop CS.
this is just a "sloppy copy" drawing i did in school when i was supposed to be taking history notes.. i don't know whether it could classified as an anime/manga drawing.. i haven't really gotten the eyes down yet..
Dear Mangaworkshopfriends, It has been quite somewhile and nowadays I have little time left to draw anything.

So I hope you enjoy this piece :D
another oekaki! this time it's Gaara of the Sand, performing his favorite move, Sand Coffin.
Dustin C.
a little robot that I made hope u like it
Just a quickie so I'll have something here. His name is Faust.
Finally experimenting with shadows and highlights and was hoping to get some critics on both.
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x-mas is getting closer and closer! So i decided to make a x-mas card by my self (yay sending original cards to people!!) uh ok ^^;; anyway...normaly i only draw sketch art with my tablet but...i dont think that to much sketchie would look nice on a i decided to let my x-mas card be the first   self made line art...teeheehee. i first started to make a person for on the card...and this is how it looks...please tell me what you think n_n (uh-oh its a verry long description!o.o)