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these are my elementals the coloring is not finished yet ^^ but please comment my pic
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Nightwind these are my elementals the coloring is not finished yet ^^ but please comment my pic
Nightwind 2004-10-11 22:08:52 I know theire not right but anyhow i liked the composition ^^
Zeiroid 2004-10-12 13:27:29 Who cares if it's entirely right ^_^ It's indeed a nice composition .. Keep it up!
AIKUZA 2004-10-13 19:16:32 I find the collage group a bit strange, cause the 3 in front looks about the same size and the one in the back is a lot bigger. This way, she comes out like a giant, which isn't good I suppose. The one in the front has a strangely shaped dress, or she is fat ;). But the rest is good, keep up.
Def Character 2005-05-16 07:23:36 Earth, wind, water and fire nice elementals
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lol its cute...........................................
Sooraaaaaa ^^
Aries in middle age. She is already going in the Attune Academy(Warriors School)
Testing out corel essentials 3 like paul convinced me O_o 

there are 3 now .........................................
will post color when completed. ^^
Dustin C.
its been awhile :P .. anyways now a days i have to travel 4 hours to get to internship place .. and in this time im mostly just thumbnailing/sketching away (almost got a sketch book full already xD) .. and this is one  the sketches i made wich i think turned out pretty good, minus the fact its deformed and anatomically incorrect :P. .. but a hell i still like it :3
Nelf is mad!
I'll likely never finish this. Got lazy. It's Alexstrasza's elf form, as seen in WoW.
with her black wings and her dark smile she comes to reap your soul!! she's deaths shinigami and awaiting YOUR demise^^

XxX to the fans
Poor Guy -_-

Prismacolor pencil on Prismacolor markers, with help of just a bit of photoshop filter (blur). I'm still not sure what rating   this should have...
neji commission from otakon 
wot do ya think
Trying out some new things :3
plz comment
Long time no penciling, now I know why I went CG again...
Def Character