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This art means too me
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Solin This art means too me "Never Give up" the paper version Looks much bether!! that why the colors don't look so pretty.....comment please....
AIKUZA 2004-10-11 19:38:31 The eyes, mouth and skateboard print are too strong of contrast compared with the rest. BG would be nice. Did this happened to you?
ukkie 2004-10-11 19:46:18 What's BG? :$ The outfit is cool! Nice coloring, especially on the hair (though she has a little bit too much hair on top of her head, if you know what I mean ^_^)! "Never give up" is a good motto. ^_^
AIKUZA 2004-10-11 19:51:37 BG = background
Solin 2004-10-13 07:21:34 sorry i cant make baground soo good...yeah i don't Scate anymore....but thanks ^^
WOLF 2004-10-16 08:13:11 yea this is pretty cool but the chains are a bit flat somehow and the hands are too small.. anyway, its a very good pic! keep on drawing ^^ i wanna see more!!
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Random art
i drew it, my brother colored it. It's a render so there's no background. =]
Long time no see 
meep tis me in chibi form!
done with my markers that i got for my bday ^^
go here if you wanna see summore hi res and new pics of mine ^^
^^;; Experimenting with photoshop 7.0 I colored this in less than 2 hours, coz school lab will kick me out if I stay too long >_< Pretty satisfied with this.... Though I feel it's too overdone?? -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
Sketch; concept from my first manga.
Not my best.....but anyways, please leave a comment for feedback and opinions!
Just something I did on msn out of boredom, so nothing special. Just wanted to upload something again since I didn't for the past few days. hopefully I can make some new pics soon
You asked for some new work, so I quick sketched you something this morning. Not edited. 
Note: Sorry for the previous error file.
Last weekend went to see The Nutcracker ballet and come out from there a little bit inspired. I make the prince in a cyborg stile, bt I'm pretty bad doingmecha things. And also the background looks too much "shojo". I did all this picture in 3 hours almost.
This is a sketch of the main character for my manga i'm trying to get off the ground. His name is Genesis. Crits please. thank you. ^^
Because my last drawing wasnt really much of a drawing,i made this one to make that mistake up:)
just some radom chik.

A semi-realistic piece of my character Aki-kun^^.. althou he looks too much like a girl. comment please . domo.
a marry christmiss and a happy new year to everyone at mws it really took a while to finnish this well injoy and tell me what you think ow and i know about the feet that doesnt really look right ^^