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AIKUZA 2004-10-11 13:49:50 Nice actionpose. The shading effect looks nice too. But her shoulders are very broad. And her right upperarm (from our POV) looks kinda long. It's also twisted weird. Also her boob is popping out on the left. And the other one stays put? Done on purpose or? Her face looks kinda malelike. Sorry if I offended you, but I had to point these things out. Hope you understand. keep up.
lonewolf 2004-10-11 14:18:07 Thx for reminding. :)
ukkie 2004-10-11 19:36:02 I agree with AIKUZA about the shoulders and her boobs. The shading looks good though, I like the style ^_^
lonewolf 2004-10-12 10:23:06 thx Monique :)
WOLF 2004-10-16 16:04:31 ... i dont think muscled girls are very popular at the moment.. but i like the shading
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Random art
this pic is not finished yet but chico wanted me to put someting on here so...
a scetch i lined
well, heres my first sketch! i havent drawn in a while, so im a  bit off! this is luffy! hes my fav manga character from one piece!!!
i was showing a friend my tablet and i turned out making a full pic >_> i need help on my bg's but it took me a while to make. C+C welcome as always. especially the C's XD
And here is the line-art ^_^ it surprised me that it didn't take long to finish this, just an hour or so. I'm very pleased with this drawing =)
Just a quick drawing that I did. I sketch my pictures then I ink them and then scan them. I know this one is simple, but I'd like to know what other people thing. Critiques would also be appreciated! Or on a scale from 1 to 10 or something, thanks!
This is the colored version of my 6th tabled made art n_n (gaia online avi art)i didn't colored it in by myself. Pinky_chan did that n_n tee hee hee i hope you like the colored version of this art
Writing, drawing, and laughing this is what Po spent of her time doing, day in and out - but laughing about what? Laughing about death, her favorite subject to study. Completely human, she uses her writing and drawings to help her in a fight - with oil their able to come to life. 

Her family dead, she spent most of time in a military training camp for kids, later on enrolling to Dullant Academy. Despite her loving death she is a go lucky girl, til you touch anything of hers without her permission. 

Read The Story Here:
First page
when I read/watch a series I like, I always think, 'if I had a character in this series, how would she be?' and then make one~

This is the character I made for Jak & Daxter...
she is of course in love with Jak~ I mean who wouldn't be XP
The Host Club raising money for Children in need, Hikaru and Kaoru are giving free make overs for girls in foster homes.
Manga Art

I really hate writing descriptions  … ….