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It's colored !! Hope you like it.His name is aki. i found it on an japanese namelist ^^. it means bright ? dunno ..I like his scarf *hehe*
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CynikSama It's colored !! Hope you like it.His name is aki. i found it on an japanese namelist ^^. it means bright ? dunno ..I like his scarf *hehe*
Solin 2004-09-26 17:38:11 WOW great Colors!
AIKUZA 2004-09-26 20:09:39 With these colours, it looks better. Although it could used more highlights. And his eyes could use more dark tints in it. THat's how I should've changed it ;). Good work.
ukkie 2004-09-27 08:58:09 Nice! Good coloring! ^_^
CynikSama 2004-09-27 13:43:55 Thnks for all your comments *smooch*
CynikSama 2004-10-17 20:43:20 Thnksie
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my first completed attempt to color.this is my take on Yamanaka-San's chara sketch.i hope i did it justice.( i've just enrolled for my 3d animation course, right now i'm learning photoshop. wish me luck people!)